16 national scholars Shanghai focus on the new opportunities and new challenges of the great Eurasia ghost observer

16 countries scholars in Shanghai focus on big Eurasian new opportunities and new challenges – Beijing, first Secretary General of the Shanghai cooperation organization, China in former Russian ambassador Zhang Deguang was invited to be entitled "large Eurasian issues of peace and development" keynote speech. Dai Qi photo Beijing, September 24 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Chen Jing) Seventh International Conference on "East Asia" Slavic Eurasian Studies on the 24 day, held in the East China Normal university. More than 150 scholars from China, Japan and South Korea, Russia, India, the United States, Britain, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and other 16 countries gathered in Shanghai, the focus of the "new opportunities and new challenges in asia". This is the East Slavic Eurasian Studies – the highest standard in the field of the annual international conference. Since 2009, the academic community meeting has been held in Sapporo, Seoul, Beijing, Calcutta, Osaka and other places six. Former State Councilor Dai Bingguo sent a congratulation letter to the meeting. He pointed out in his letter, in the history of the Eurasian continent always occupies an important position in the international arena. In recent years, the status and influence of Eurasia in international politics has risen significantly. Dai Bingguo said that for the future, the continent of East, central and Western cooperation prospects for the world to bring endless imagination. The world attaches great importance to the role and potential of this continent, China proposed the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt initiative, Russia and the United States and other major powers has also put forward their own regional cooperation initiatives. Dai Bingguo stressed that a peace and stability, development and prosperity, openness and tolerance, trust and cooperation, innovation and the Eurasian continent in line with the interests of every country on this continent, but also in line with the interests of countries in the world. The Shanghai cooperation organization’s first secretary general Chinese, former ambassador to Russia Zhang Deguang entitled "was invited to make a keynote speech" peace and development in the asia. Zhang Deguang said that the Eurasian continent is a rising continent, is a continent of concern. Chinese advocate "The Belt and Road" reflects the demands of most countries in Eurasia and the common interests of peace and development, on behalf of the Eurasian common direction. A special round table forum was held at the opening ceremony. From the Russian Academy of Sciences Far East Branch of history, archaeological and ethnographic research by Victor Richard of the University of Kent in England, Lalin?? Sakewa, Hopki University of Kent, University of Tokyo in Japan? Gould Ke Song Li Kimitaka, and director of the Russian research center of East China Normal University professor Feng Shaolei and other experts and scholars around the "Eurasian integration and reconstruction the prospect of" new continent area issues in-depth dialogue. East China Normal University revealed that in the next half of the meeting, the experts will be Silk Road Economic Belt, contemporary Russian society and politics, the Eurasian power relations as the theme, sub group discussion. The closing ceremony, the former Ministry of foreign affairs in Austria Chinese zhengyanshi director, former ambassador Yang Chengxu, vice president of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Ren Wei Huang will be from different angles to explore the development prospects of the Eurasian region problem. (end)相关的主题文章: