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The new Skoda kodiaq SUV listed in 2016 2016 listed the new atmospheric modeling in SUV, the most eye-catching than the Volkswagen Group’s brand Skoda launched this year kodiaq, as Skoda to enter the midsize SUV market’s first models, since the start has been to attract a lot of attention, next year will introduce domestic production. The name kodiaq comes from the south of Alaska island of Kodiak bear. The appearance of the new car also embodies the "big bear" sense of power, the new car uses a family of the latest design of the Skoda brand, straight waterfall form of face smooth movement, the body also added more tough lines, the overall look smooth and full of strength. The LED daytime driving lights, L lights along the lower surface of the longitudinal optical cavity LED trim, sharp and rich sense of technology, top model will be equipped with full LED headlamps, taillights also adopted the LED light source, design fashion without losing line. At the same time, the lamp joined the crystal cutting process design, showing stunning lighting effects, but also to bring a more intense visual impact. The humanized design has been Skoda, in the details of the kodiaq also showed the most incisive. The interior design style, Skoda Kodiaq maintained a symmetrical design consistent dashboard, three spoke steering wheel with regular Skoda is also a masterpiece. In the use of materials and materials on Skoda is the usual intimate, in addition to the standard fabric accident, and cortex and mixed fabric and leather fabrics are available. In order to create a more spacious interior space, the side wall contour is full, but with excellent aerodynamic design, the design also allows the drag coefficient as low as 0.33, both lower fuel consumption demand. At the same time, lightweight body design, a version of the two entry drive weighs only 1452kg, collocation 1.4TSI engine and four-wheel drive system models also weighs only 1540kg, compared with the level at more than 2000kg indicates the quality, it is self-evident in fuel consumption and handling advantages. In addition, the start stop device, brake energy recovery device, high efficiency thermoelectric management device will appear in the Kodiaq body, in order to achieve the effect of low emissions. Skoda Kodiaq will debut at the Guangzhou auto show in November, then we have the opportunity to enjoy close to the "big bear", a glimpse of him. Skoda people always adhere to the Skoda brand in the details of the traditional, humanized design close, also let Skoda kodiaq to brisk attitude talent shows itself in the 2016 listing of SUV.相关的主题文章: