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5 of the children lost — people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title during the National Day holiday in Nanjing Hongshan zoo every day: Nanjing Hongshan zoo daily average of 5 children alone to find my parents F3 Edition: National Day golden week yesterday morning at about 10, Nanjing Hongshan zoo north gate security Zhou Baoyi received a message by radio – note just now, a three year old little boy lost, wearing a pair of little red shoes. If you find such a little boy alone, please leave him here. Fortunately, less than half an hour and then heard a colleague called: "the little boy found." Modern Express reporter learned that the National Day holiday these days, 5 of the children lost the Hongshan zoo every day. Many visitors, see the children lost frequency according to the Nanjing Hongshan zoo staff, the National Day holiday in the past few days, the daily average of more than 20 thousand tourists, the average daily management office received five or six children lost calls. October 5th, Penguin a worker found a little boy alone, he wanted to call his family, but he doesn’t know the phone number. "This is a lot of things." The staff reminded the relatively large flow of people park, parents must take good care of the children, the children once lost, to the staff close to you in a timely manner, or call the hotline management; suggestions for children to wear to write personal information and parents contact card. Children lost, security linkage to find around 10 yesterday morning, the panda museum, a child lost to the age of three years, the family immediately to the museum security assistance. Less than half an hour, the child was sent to his family. During the National Day park a lot of people, children lost things happen almost every day." Zhou Baoyi told reporters: a child lost to get the news, all security will pay attention to help find. No more than an hour, the child will be able to find back." Anti lost, parents have a way to prevent children lost, parents have what precautions? Modern Express reporter interviewed several parents. MS Wan from Anhui took her 6 year old daughter to the zoo yesterday. "My daughter can carry my cell phone number. Usually will tell her, can not find mom and Dad, do not go on a stranger’s car, to find the police uncle." Ms. Qin’s son was only three years old, in order to prevent children from losing, she specifically put on his big red clothes, wearing a bright colored clothes are not easy to lose." (Liu Jingyan) (  commissioning editor Zhang Xin and Tang Lu)相关的主题文章: