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6 people 1 people play reservoir drowning companions did not call for help sent circle of friends found the original title: young friends night leak: buddy still bottom 6 children in reservoir play, one of them drowned, neither shore companion for help have no alarm, until that night, one of the children in the WeChat circle of friends the company may also issued a document called the water bottom, it is the parents reported to the police. The next day, the drowning child’s body was salvaged. Modern Express reporter learned yesterday, the tragedy occurred in the Zhenjiang Jurong Maoshan area, drowning boy named Cao Xiaodong (a pseudonym), 14 years old this year. Afterwards, his father made a total of 100 thousand yuan to the parents of the other 5 children. At present, the local police and the relevant departments on the matter of mediation. Modern express ZAKER Nanjing reporter Lin Qingzhi, according to police, the incident occurred at three or four p.m. on September 24th. At that time, Maoshan Zhen Cao Zhuang Cao Xiaodong to peer out the East Tomb reservoir play, then, 6 people (4 boys and 2 girls) riding two electric cars came to the edge of the reservoir, small east off his jacket and took the lead in the water, then he will be a reluctant to enter the water boy laxiashui, double side pull in the water. Did not expect that the tragedy followed. The boy was soon pulled ashore by his companions on the shore, and the little east fell into the deep water and sank. According to the Maoshan scenic area of the police station, after the small east of the companions had been in the field of search, waiting, but always see the small east of Jurong. Not only did the 5 children cry for help, nor did they report to the police. That night, one of the children in a circle of friends issued a document, said the small East is still underwater". 25 am, after the parents have been informed of the matter, immediately to the Maoshan scenic area police station alarm. 25 on the morning of 9, small East were salvaged, but have been drowned. Yesterday, the modern express reporter learned from the police station in Jurong, Maoshan, Cao Xiaodong was a frequent visitor. It is understood that the small East parents divorced for many years, his mother remarried, his father working outside year round, because no one discipline he often wandered around, also repeatedly steal, even repeatedly stealing others’ help for his alma mater, once "(in April 25th last year, return kindness with ingratitude evil for good" modern express all media had reported). "The child is poor, and we sympathize with him." According to the police station in Jurong scenic area of Maoshan police, the father of the small east came to the police station the day before yesterday, to the 5 children of each family claims $20 thousand, but the other did not accept. At present, the local government mediation departments and police are coordinating the matter. (Editor: Zhong Qinghui UN660)相关的主题文章: