A couple in Nanyang killed 3 days and 3 nights in the mountains-clonecd

Nanyang, a couple killed in the family, police squat in the mountains for 3 days and 3 nights to catch the suspect newspaper (reporter Wang Yong) September 14th, a murder occurred in the city of our city, a couple were killed. City Public Security Bureau Pu Shan police quickly start the murder detection mechanism, thirty or forty police to give up the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion, in Nanzhao mountains Dunshou three days and nights, on the night of 17 will suspect Ma Moumou arrested. At noon on September 14th, there was a murder in Dazhai village, seven Li village, Wolong district. Villagers, horses and sumou couples were killed. Because of the densely populated place, and the day before the Mid Autumn Festival, the social repercussions are strong. 12:19, after the police station Pu mountain alarm, quickly launched homicide detection mechanism. The police soon found out that Nanzhao County Nan he Dian Zhen Ma Moumou has a major crime suspects, the road monitoring showed that Ma Moumou was driving a motorcycle running in Nanzhao county all the way. Police decided to seize Ma Moumou, and quickly found out his social relations. Po Shan police station thirty or forty police are divided into several groups, in the months of waiting horses may be hiding. This is the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Nanzhao in the mountains before midnight last night, mosquito bites, sudden temperature drop, which has brought no small challenge to wearing short sleeved Dunshou police. Even a squat for three days and nights, the police have no one complained, the final night of September 17th 11 in Nanzhao Joe Duan Zhen Ma Moumou a distant relatives arrested. After investigation, Ma Moumou, 42 years old, opened a repair shop, the character is somewhat introverted. He always had a grudge against suspecting that there was an unfair relationship between his wife and the murdered man. September 14th morning 11 am, he found and followed the victim named Ma to Dazhai village dwellings, the tool used to carry the horse a couple stabbed to death, after driving a motorcycle fled North Road along the long shong. 3 (Nanyang Evening News)

南阳一对夫妻家中被害 民警深山蹲3天3夜抓嫌犯  本报讯(记者王 勇)9月14日,我市城区发生一起命案,一对夫妇被人杀害。市公安局蒲山派出所迅速启动命案侦破机制,三四十名民警放弃中秋节与家人团聚的机会,在南召深山里蹲守三天三夜,于17日夜终将犯罪嫌疑人马某某抓获。  9月14日中午,卧龙区七里园大寨村发生一起命案,村民马某、苏某夫妇被人杀害。由于案发地点人口密集,又恰逢中秋节前一天,社会反响强烈。中午12时19分,蒲山派出所接警后,迅速启动命案侦破机制。警方很快查明南召县南河店镇人马某某具有重大作案嫌疑,此时路上监控显示,马某某正驾驶一辆摩托车一路向南召县境内狂奔。  警方决定全力抓捕马某某,并很快查清了他的社会关系。蒲山派出所三四十名民警分为几组,在马某某可能藏匿的地点进行蹲点守候。此时已是中秋假期,南召的深山里前半夜蚊虫叮咬,后半夜则是温度陡降,这给只穿着短袖的蹲守民警带来了不小的考验。连着蹲守三天三夜,民警们没一人叫苦,最终9月17日夜里11时在南召乔端镇马某某一远方亲戚家将其抓获。  经查,马某某今年42岁,开有一家维修店,性格有些孤僻内向。他因怀疑妻子与被害人马某存在不正当男女关系,一直怀恨在心。9月14日上午11时许,他发现并尾随受害人马某到大寨村的住处,用随身携带的刀具将马某夫妇捅伤致死,后驾驶摩托车沿龙祥路向北逃窜。④3(南阳晚报)相关的主题文章: