A man with a steel wire in a crab claw is pierced after being eaten-neogeo.zip

Crab hiding in the wire man pierced man always enjoy after tonsil throat inflammation, yesterday went to the hospital to check, found a wire pierced the tonsils, cold sweats. He carefully recalled that when the original cleaning crab, steel brush off the steel wire, residue in the crab clamp villi, he swallowed. Always feel throat discomfort, yesterday morning, 30 year old Mr. Tao to leave Wuhan Brain Hospital Outpatient Department of ENT. The doctor found Li Zeyi, Mr. Tao’s right tonsil enlargement, after careful examination, found a nearly 3 cm black wire, pierced the side of the tonsil. Mr. Tao heard, scared out of a sweat. He recalled, the 7 day meal at home for crabs. I love eating crab, family with a steel brush carefully brushing again, especially the local crab fluff much. Unexpectedly, there are steel wire off, " hidden " inside. He speculated that it should be their side sucking claws while talking, accidentally swallowed the wire, there was indeed a stuck throat feeling. The doctor explained, with swallowing movement, steel wire gradually penetrate the right tonsil. While the wire remains in the almond back, only a few days off. Yesterday, under local anesthesia, Li Zeyi carefully remove the wire, and told Mr. Tao to eat slowly, eat after mouthwash, eat anti-inflammatory drugs, a few days after rehabilitation. The expert reminds, autumn crab is fat, increase to eat crab allergic, throat patients, but this is like Mr. Tao, cleaning tools left crab foreign card throat is rare. Li Zeyi suggested that cleaning crab vinegar can be used or water soak, remove bacteria and impurities, or use nylon brush gently scrub, to prevent foreign body off left in the crab villi. In addition, when eating crabs have slowly, don’t talk, also can play the role of preventing foreign card throat. (reporter correspondent Gao Chenchen Jin Jing)相关的主题文章: