A new generation of Beidou satellite navigation system signal system plan announced in 2017 vidalia

A new generation of Beidou navigation satellite system signal system plan announced in 2017 the Beidou system will provide Chinese navigation at the meeting of the thirty-ninth session of the general assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization for the global civil aviation, Chinese government delegation submitted the progress of "Beidou satellite navigation system and multi frequency multi constellation GNSS application" file, to the global civil aviation industry put forward multimode multi constellation satellite navigation application initiative, and demonstrates the Beidou satellite navigation system global application, attention by the general assembly. ATC industry management office China civil aviation bureau responsible person, a new generation of Beidou navigation satellite system signal system has been established, the plan announced in 2017, completed in 2020 and formally for the global system, provide enhanced services with satellite based navigation signals and compatible interoperability. China government delegation introduced the application in the general aviation and air transport in the basic composition and the service performance of the Beidou system, an important position in the new generation of air navigation system to the delegates system, multi frequency multi constellation satellite navigation system, and the development of Beidou satellite navigation system, since the construction area service since 2012, Chinese civil aviation satellite navigation application implementation. China Civil Aviation Authority also encourages civil aviation authorities, industry and users in satellite navigation requirements, standards, interoperability interoperability, application verification and other aspects of cooperation. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: