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A prediction: CBA back home basketball nets or the green light? Yi Jianlian Phoenix sports news Beijing time on October 24th, ESPN reporter Stan broke the Arab League initiative to leave the Lakers, although not yet officially announced, but the source has been confirmed by a number of authoritative media. A united future still whirling, the new season will be in what a shirt? According to the Arab League around the domestic reporters revealed that the Arab League had previously scheduled to return to the air tickets, began to choose their next stop where. The last time the Arab League left NBA is back to Guangdong, if the Arab League really return to CBA, he is still a member of the Guangdong team. According to the association rules, the new season of all players, are required to participate in testing and registration. At that time, the United Arab Emirates is still the Lakers for the impact of NBA efforts, so did not participate. And there are 5 days CBA will pull open the curtain, Yi Jianlian back to CBA from the theory of up. But the rule is dead, people are living, Guo Ailun last season and missed the registration time, after the green light to his extended registration. As the flag of the Chinese men’s basketball team leader, the Arab League also enjoy the same privileges in theory. Someone joked: if the basketball association principle, Yi CBA can not play. Fortunately, the association did not believe the principle. Did not stay in the Lakers, the Arab League’s NBA road has not been completely sealed, he can still be signed with the NBA team. A career is now in the peak, after the NBA five season averaged 7.9 points, 4.9 rebounds and 0.7 assists, 0.7 blocks. Some fans suggested going to the Rockets, but the Rockets are overwhelmed, and Mo Tai was not renewed, so to Houston almost impossible. The nets become the best place, because Broolyn did not score pressure, but do not need a new exercise as the Lakers as they are in the endless darkness, Jeremy Lin became a leader in the nets, Las can also find their own position over there. But the nets are very lack of big team, only Lopez and edge player Hamilton more than 2 meters tall and 10, a more than 2 meters tall and 13, whether it is to protect the basket or shooting can play its role. The team moved to Broolyn now, and New York is only one river, they need to maximize the commercial value, a couplet can bring the local Chinese and Chinese fans attention, this is enough. (who is)相关的主题文章: