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Health Some folks may remember, (and also may have had a bad experience with) the forerunner of the new Phantom Digital Vaporizer; The Fuji Vaporizer, which came out on the market a couple of years ago. Designed to be a less expensive volcano style vaporizer, the earlier model had some significant design flaws which made it a clearly inferior vape. The most .mon .plaints about the Fuji were: 1. It was noisy and sometimes rattled 2. The connection between the balloon bag and the unit was poorly designed, and as a result the bags frequently disconnected. 3. Issues with the reliability and functionality of the digital temperature read out. I’m happy to be able to say that the manufacturers went back to the drawing board and with the Phantom Vaporizer have now successfully designed what many vaporizer users have long wanted; a more affordable, high quality volcano type vaporizer. Since its introduction, suppliers and users alike have had high praise for the new Phantom vape, reporting none of the sorts of problems that consistently plagued the earlier Fuji. As a result, after some early and understandable hesitance on the part of vaporizer users, the new Phantom has started selling very fast as word has gotten out about the quality of the vaporizing experience it provides. The advanced air pump technology with silencer fills the bags smoothly and efficiently within seconds, and the overall functionality and effectiveness equals that of .parable vapes that cost as much as three times the Phantom. The arrival at long last of a volcano style vaporizer providing high quality at a much lower price is very wel.e news; so long as they maintain this standard the number of people who want this vape will continue to grow at a huge pace. The Phantom Vaporizer contains a fully customized LED Digital temperature clock flashing the actual operating temperature while reaching the desired temperature set by the user. Precision electronic air temperature control and reliability previously unreachable in .peting products have given the Phantom Vaporizer the rating of most technologically advanced professional herbal vaporizer available today. This improved digital vaporizer employs technology which circulates air enriched with the active ingredients of the substance vaporized into a balloon through a valve, until the balloon is filled. After the balloon is inflated the valve can be .pletely detached and separated from the device. The contents of the balloon can then be safely and .fortably enjoyed .pletely independent from the vaporization process. The temperature on the unit ranges between 100 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. And with 3 to 4 times efficiency of greater delivery of active ingredients when .pared with smoking, (without the toxins and other harmful byproducts…i.e., tars and other carcinogens) an investment in the Phantom Vaporizer will pay for itself. A great .panion product to use with the Phantom Vaporizer is another recent addition to the market; The VaporICER. The VaporICER Cooling System arrives fully assembled and ready to use. It is seamlessly usable with the Phantom vaporizer as well as all other popular bag and whip vaporizer models. To use simply connect any vaporizer to one end of the frozen VaporIcer and begin to enjoy the smooth cool vapor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: