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A strong, even the details are fascinated by the local people! Sohu – tourism remember the first time I saw a picture from the color of the Internet, there is no other scenery in the picture, the picture space Co. are full of red wooden house, saw it, my heart can not help but be shocked, then that it is called Seda, then rtar occupy a seat in the bottom of my heart, always want to go to see it on the next trip. The rainy season in July, entered the road becomes very bad color, a car is stuck in the mud and debris flow ditch, we shall have to sit one by one excavator bucket construction team to cross the river, so that more than and 80 km road more than five hours, the evening came to the next five Buddhist institute. Seda La Rong Ming Temple five Buddhist Institute, is located in Sichuan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Ganzi province in Seda county to the southeast about 20 kilometers, 4000 meters above sea level. In many of the mountains around the ditch, sengshe, in the Buddhist hall as the center, surrounded by dense take over the hillside, too many to count the red cabin, which countless, endless. Here, hear the old legend about rtar, even do not believe in Buddhism, but when the body is in Seda Buddhist College, you will still be infected by the atmosphere of Buddhism; when to see the local spectacular scenery, you will bring troubles behind, forget things broken heart in life, sleeping here. Tens of thousands of miles across the valley, the densely covered with wooden huts, this is the Buddhist Lama and dormitory. The valley and ridge, the distribution of several temples and temple building, although the scale are not great, but the decoration is elegant and brilliant. Wearing red robes and Buddhist Lama, looked solemn, walking all the comings and goings of the air, filled with great joy and peaceful atmosphere of Buddhism. Hillside cabins, low and humble, is used in civil engineering structures, the roof covered with mud huts, against the cold. The cabin space is very small, can only sleep and meditation. Between the house and the house, stand shoulder to shoulder, only a narrow path. Living in these huts were monks who came to practice and study. No house monks is a few people live in their own relatives or flat-share. Everyone’s face is filled with unwavering confidence and aloof and pure, they know they are not alone. The golden sunset, red house, shining pagoda, seems to be at an altitude of 4200 meters here, you can find the eternal. No one will be struck by the sight of the mountain red sengshe, so many people gathered in this desolate populated West Sichuan Plateau was a surprise, but they are in order to fix this dharma, lived a very hard life. This is a side of the land will never disappear, countless people come here to find the soul of the most clean attribution. A strong, even the details are fascinated by the local people! I indulge in the color!相关的主题文章: