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UnCategorized Ad Blasters are programs that allow you to submit your text or HTML advertisement to multiple advertisers at once, saving you valuable time. There are many different types of blasters available, some free, many at a small cost. Some are web-based and others are software programs that you can download and install on your .puter. Email Safelists, Free-For-All (FFA) link directories, Classified Ad sites, Blog blasters and RSS feed blasters are all examples of different services that you can use to send your advertisement or web site URL to multiple advertisements at once, increasing your exposure to potential web users dramatically. A Safelist is an opt-in list whose members can send their ad via email to other members. You must use a valid email address for the list, but you’ll want to use one that is different than your primary address. Most Safelists will ask you for your contact email address that will only be used by the list manager for member .munication, and a list email address to which you will receive the messages from other members. While it’s true that many people won’t read your ad email, if you join enough safelists and start reaching tens of millions of people a day with your ads, the numbers will begin to work in your favor and you will start seeing results. FFA, or free-for-all sites are web pages that accept links to other websites at a high rate. Often the links are shown on a page that has 50 or 100 "rolling" links. As new links are posted, the oldest ones fall off. But other FFA sites retain your link for much longer or indefinitely. The value of FFA sites is debated in the marketing .munity but I personally think it is worthwhile, if only to get lots of sites linking back to your web site. In addition, there are FFA blaster tools that let you effortlessly blast your site link out to thousands of FAA in an instant. So why not do it? Classified Ad sites are just that, the digital sister to traditional newspaper classified ads. There are a ton of free classified ad sites on the web that will accept your ad, as well as many that charge for their services. A typical model is the site will offer a free ad and after you post it, will entice you with paid upgrade for your ad to increase its effectiveness. Blog and RSS feed blasters are services that will accept your blog URL or RSS feed URL (and most blogs provide you with a feed) to the site. The service then sends this out to multiple blog or RSS web directories that index your entries and help to get exposure for your site. Submitting your ads and URL’s to all of these advertising outlets manually, one at a time, is possible but you would be spending the majority of your time doing this instead of building your business. Finding good blasters is an essential part of a smart Inter. Marketer’s tool bag. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: