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UnCategorized The Adam Lambert If I Had You lyrics were released on his first album, For You Entertainment, in 2009. If I Had You, along with For Your Entertainment, were the two hit singles to .e out of the album, which showcased his electric energy and vocal range. Adam Lambert got his start auditioning for the eighth season of American Idol, making to the top two spots before losing out to Idol contestant Kris Allen, who was also his roommate at the time. But Adam Lambert losing top dog on American Idol doesnt necessarily mean all hope is lost. As a matter of fact, Lambert found even greater success than his .petitor Kris Allen. In a few previous seasons of American Idol, the runner-up would achieved better record sales and a more solid career than the winner (See: Clay Aiken versus Ruben Studdard). Adam Lambert was one of the first openly gay contestants on American Idol. The San Diego native signed with RCA records to record his first album, For You Entertainment. The single Whataya Want From Me was nominated for a Grammy. His appearance on the American Music Awards caused some controversy after dancing in a sexually suggestive fashion and making out with a male keyboardist. The indie arena-pop band All-American Rejects achieved notoriety in the early 2000s. The band started with two Oklahoma teenagers, Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritter in 1998. They played random gigs in bars and clubs around Oklahoma before finally garnering the attention of a larger indie label, Doghouse Records, in Ohio. Before they got signed, they self-released their debut album, Same Girl, Different Songs, in 2001. The demos got the attention of a Doghouse executive. The recorded together on their first studio album, sounding like a full band despite being merely a duo. For the next self-titled album, they filled out the band with two more members. The All American Rejects lyrics for this album was most about the dark side of teenage love. The single Swing Swing enjoyed great success on the charts while their other singles fell to the wayside. The band was no.heless able to play at a few large venues, including MTVs Spring Break. Later on, after writing songs for the next album, the band moved to Interscope Records, where they were told that the songs were too dark in content for them to record. The All-American Rejects redrafted the songs and recorded the third album, Move Along. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: