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"Ambush" blood on Liu Tingyu interpretation of "ambush" – the strongest entertainment Sohu Liu Tingyu Liu Tingyu uniform appearance yuan Yuting ambush entertainment news by Sohu stills cool media produced, directed by Guo Jianyong, Liu Tingyu, Xu Jia, Tang Xi, Tian Zhong starred in the Anti Japanese War spy drama "ambush" will be landing in Guizhou TV broadcasting in the blood at half past seven tonight. The play, Liu Tingyu played the underground party members Yuan Yuting, the idea of pure, gentle and kind, and played by Xu Jia Shi Yongkai in the same wrote in the flames of war Anti Japanese hero legend a capable of evoking praises and tears. 1937, the outbreak of the war of resistance against japan. On the eve of the battle of Nanjing, the New Fourth Army Political Work Team Yuan Yuting during a mission in Nanjing city officer Shi Yongkai accidentally get help, then, Nanjing guard defeat, Yuan Yuting and Shi Yongkai meet again in the New Fourth Army headquarters, with the further understanding of. Yuan Yuting is a brave and staunch communist party members, she accepted the leadership of the instructions and arrangements, to protect the safety of Shi Yongkai, and the puppet newspapers reporter sneaked into Nanjing, hoping to obtain important information. With the further expansion of the Japanese invasion of China, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party decided to unite with the Xian, Japan launched a desperate struggle to protect most of the surviving people of Nanjing and the national palace. It is reported, will have many different styles in the drama of Liu Tingyu’s appearance, in addition to the Communist Party Dress, there are a large number of elements of the dress, is worth looking forward to. From the naivete female soldiers to be national heroine, Liu Tingyu will experience again the ups and downs of the difficulties and setbacks, and her interpretation of the spirit of communism is the most glorious existence. In addition, Liu Tingyu is currently in Hengdian filming a large costume fantasy drama "Xuanmen master", she will return costume to the audience how amazing and different interpretation?相关的主题文章: