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Analysis: beware of disc overheating champions Atletico beat the Champions League home court – Sohu: Atletico Madrid VS Rostov SMG number: 007 Tuesday game time: November 2, 2016 03:45 asian handicap: 1.05 two ball half 0.85 tournament interpretation: Atletico Madrid was very high in the Champions League group phase, 3 games scored 3 goals to achieve victory pressure in Bayern lead the group phase, in the first cycle of events at Rostov Ma Jing 1-0 victory, Callas scored the only goal. Rostov road this season is very bad, the last 7 games lost 6 games and 4 consecutive games without scoring in the Champions League first away game against Bayern 0-5 defeat, the game against Atletico probably fraught with grim possibilities. Analysis of ball tank handicap: Asia refers to open two ball half deep plate, with Europe 1.06 lower, the game winning little suspense. Ma Jing is not a good goalscoring team, they have 3 group phase 1-0, the team in the last 15 games in the champions league tournament only 1 games can rival versus 2 goals, Rostov is not good at, but let two ball half too exaggerated, the game cold see footwall. SMG football recommended: (-2) 10 asian handicap recommended: Rostov相关的主题文章: