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Fashion-Style First, a bit about men’s underwear in mesh: mesh designs have be.e popular of late for two main reasons they tend to be very .fortable, and they tend to be very hygienic and .fortable to wear. The mesh design allows the body to breathe, and where underwear is concerned this can be a very important point. Now a bit about Andrew Christian: when it .es to underwear brands fronted by a man who is famous as a reality TV star, there is only one! That is not all that Andrew Christian has to offer, however, for as an ac.plished designer of both men’s and womens underwear, swimwear and casual garments he is well placed to put his name to a brand that promises originality in design and innovation in manufacture, and the Andrew Christian sports mesh jockstrap is one of the best designs we have seen in a long time. At once both functional and stylish, this is a design that is meant for the active man yet is also one that could be worn at work or out on the town, so .fortable is its shape and fit. Made from 100% poly mesh it is a very .fortable garment indeed, and it offers very capable breathing and superb .fort levels. It also looks great and .es in sizes from small to extra large as well as in black, white and blue, and the way it enhances the bits you want enhanced is not just by chance! Andrew Christian knows that modern man wants modern underwear, and that for too long there has been a dearth of sexy and interesting underwear in the men’s sector of the market, and thats why mesh underwear as stylish and impressive as this will always have a place in a fast growing market sector. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: