Apple IMessage also began to sell the expression Pack this will be a billion dollar market diying

Apple iMessage will also begin selling the expression package: This is a billion level market the "Forbes" online edition of the journal wrote today, Apple’s iMessage store may set off a new round of the trend, create new opportunities for the realization of developers and brand. The following is the full text of the article: in September 13th the official launch of the iOS 10 will bring a huge change in communication. With the release of iOS 10, iMessage will have its own store. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but given that Apple has paid $50 billion to developers since Apple’s App Store release, it’s a big deal. App Store and iMessage inside the application will provide the same proportion of developers and apple (7030). The launch of the iMessage platform will create a number of new billionaires, and in the next 5 years to become the most valuable social platform in the west. The world has 1 billion active iOS devices, and App Store launched in 2008, when Apple sold iPhone mobile phone is only 10 million, so now the iMessage shop backed by distribution channels reached 100 times that of the original. 9 years later, we are about to witness the birth of another important apple market. Brand, game companies and stars will cash in their IP and iMessage products in the store, they can launch a sticker pack in the iMessage store (Sticker Pack) and iMessage applications, these two kinds of products can be used free of charge or two modes. Which contains a huge business opportunities. If you can add stickers in the iMessage, you can further promote the popularity of communication based on visual content on a global scale. With this business, iMessage will become a new generation of browsers – originally used by the web service can now be completed in iMessage. Veteran companies need to develop the appropriate services, and compete with those focused on the development of iMessage application startups. This platform can provide endless revenue opportunities. We can begin to imagine how people will communicate, shop, date and work in the future. Since iMessage is a social application embedded in iOS, so after the addition of the store, consumers can shop and share content in their most commonly used services. In addition, the iMessage are embedded in light applications, so you can quickly install, but also easy to develop, spread faster. In addition, due to the face of 800 million iMessage users this huge group, so it is easier to realize. IMessage will integrate communications, creativity and collaboration, a number of features, allowing the development of major brands really interactive visualization applications, so that friends can make content and experience in real time. Social shopping, dating, and games are available in iMessa相关的主题文章: