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Area 50 meters is two meters high mountain of garbage piled one hundred meters stench – Beijing garbage after the rain soaked, smelly water from flowing to the pavement, dirty. Li Chuqing photo "this piece of garbage mountain is really give off an unbearable stink!" Who lives in the town of Daxing District, near the North China Street, Mr. Zhang reflected in the beginning of this year, he found that 50 meters away from their own area of a pile of garbage outside the emergence of the more, but the more heap more, the more, the more the more, the more the more, the more garbage, the more the more, the more the more garbage, and the more heap more, the more the more the. "You can smell the odor in the neighborhood. It was so hot that there was no way to open the window at home." Mr. Zhang has not been reflected in the multi resolution. Roadside garbage 100 meters stench unbearable in August 12th, the reporter came to the Xihongmen Daxing town with North street. The main street is east-west, with a total length of about 2000 meters. The reporter saw far there is a mountain of garbage in the street in the west, the stench blowing, it is hard to breathe. Garbage mountain two meters high, mainly concentrated in the south side of the road, over 100 meters long. Swarms of flies and mosquitoes circling the rubbish dump. Because of the rain soaked, garbage mountain seepage of smelly water flowing to the road, the road has become muddy dirty. Mr. Zhang told reporters that the start here only some demolition waste, and later because nobody around the living garbage and the new market and transported to the garbage all fall in this, the result is rubbish piled more, piled up, has now become the roadside garbage mountain hundreds of meters long. Reporters noted that the roadside drains are all filled with garbage and bushes, nearby residents, said: a rain on this road on the water. When the heavy rain, all the garbage floating up, followed by water, the scene is really a spectacular." The school is more than and 300 metres away from the market "because the same rotten fruits and vegetables at North Street has been filled with rubbish. These people are starting to dump the rubbish in our neighborhood." Subsequently, Mr. Zhang took the reporter visited their neighborhood, in less than 50 metres from the local district on the west side, the construction waste surrounding a demolition after filled with rotten melon. He explained that these rotten fruit is transported from xinfade market, not sold, to pour this. On the other side of the road connected with the North China Main Street on both sides, stopped more than and 10 cars 5, 6 meters long, most of them are foreign brands. Nearby residents said, because there are several large logistics companies, and the north is the new wholesale market, there are often some trucks to market rotting in fruits and vegetables shipped out, on the way to fall on the side of the road, walk away. In this area there is still a demolition of private elementary school enrollment, known as the school of innovation. The school is only about 300 meters away from the mountain. A restaurant waiter said, in this school are migrant workers children, he often can see the children carrying a bag to go to school. Look at the children every day after school through this piece of garbage, we also feel distressed, I hope this piece of garbage to clean up quickly." And on the same street north head and a private kindergarten, only 100 meters away from the mountain of garbage. Reporters outside the kindergarten will be able to hear the noise inside the child. Demolition did not complete clear相关的主题文章: