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Ariel Lin: no response was spawned roar made me so tight – Sohu Ariel Lin through the mouth of the role of entertainment is the birth of Ariel Lin through the mouth of the role of trouble troubles of Sohu is the birth of entertainment news November 26th news, according to Taiwan "news" reported that Ariel Lin married after gas bujianfanzeng, zero negative feedback image for her was named the national goddess, 2014 Lin Yuchao and her husband after marriage, belly has not happened, previously only to the 1, finally giving 2 years to life, but her latest show "the tonight show" Paramount grandiose foreign employees, the situation has some similar and real life, the birth of colleagues, she could not help roar: "don’t push me so tight!" Ariel Lin’s grandiose foreign employees in "Paramount", she plays in the show shot on the diamond ring, admit being longtime boyfriend, marriage, female colleagues have rushed loudly congratulations, new male colleagues are happy to congratulate, also took the "early dates to her precious son." didn’t think Ariel Lin was furious when he heard this, said: "I love you forced me to get married, I finally got the ring, you want me to have children, don’t push me so tight, my personal life is not others three four." In addition to grandiose plot Xiaofan users, many people praised Ariel Lin’s acting more and more skillful, and freely, "how exaggerated facial expressions onto Ariel Lin full reasonable!"相关的主题文章: