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Author: bright fairy tale has to accept the children "questions" function of the new network – the premiere site guests dialogue. Dandelion children’s book Hall for map. Beijing Beijing, September 25, (Shangguan) 25, book writer bright "Mother Buddha Bodhisattva children" premiere held in Beijing. Conference, today’s headlines also released around the fairy tale of the statistics of the big data, the data scan the fairy tale theme of the relevant data, reveals the interest in the trend of fairy tale reading groups. How to write a fairy tale, however erudite. She said, write fairy tales will say "I love you" to express the emotion, and then "store up the feelings I love you" began to weaken, like wire extension, children will experience different love at different ages, he also fell in love with this write "love fairy tale" the way. However these fairy tale called "memommie fairy tale". "Mother" is the Buddha Bodhisattva children bright creation 12 "memommie fairy tales". Mention the title, however, mother’s love is the package, according to ask every need according to ask the child; in contrast, the love of children is very wide open. "Mother Buddha Bodhisattva children" book. Dandelion children’s book Hall for map. "The love of the child let us go to see the love in the distance, the mother’s love let us keep the attention of the moment of love." However, the two kinds of love are very precious, is the one and only, "I wrote this book, is that each individual can be an in such a precious love, such love can make us feel that life is good, life is very great". Accompanying the book there is an exquisite language notebook, which records a lot of bright son Minnie talked about some weird childhood. However, parents send their children when you said these words copied down, is actually a song poem "in these poems we found that writing is wonderful, the most important is that we will find the children look at the world is so rich and diverse". Similarly, bright fairy tale also believes that there is no way to escape life and death topic, "for children, a matter of life and death as their own life, is naturally". At the same time, she believes that the fairy tale has the function of "acceptance" of children. (end)相关的主题文章: