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Business Today there are many car rental .panies but in its infancy, rental car .panies were a luxury and only a few .panies existed. Agencies were located in large metropolitan cities, not at airports like they are today and there were few .panies that branched out internationally. This changed with Avis Rent A Car. Avis Rent A Car was one of the first rental car agencies and it started with an aggressive business plan which proved successful. Avis has maintained its status as an industry leader and, in many ways, has kept an edge on the .petition. Here is a short history of Avis and how they revolutionized the car rental industry. Small Beginnings Warren Avis opened Avis Rent A Car in Detroit, Michigan at the Willow Run Airport in 1946. With less than $100,000 he opened the first car rental business located at an airport; a risky move with a considerable amount of money at the time. He wanted to grow fast while providing excellent customer service. Warren Avis’ marketing plan was successful and he soon opened a rental office at the Miami Airport. He decided to expand his business internationally and soon started selling Avis franchises in Canada, Mexico and Europe. His .pany was making money and expanding rapidly. Avis Sells Warren Avis had created a successful business based on a revolutionary idea. He sold his business in 1954 to a Boston businessman for $8 million; a staggering profit in less than 10 years. The Avis name had established itself in the US and worldwide and be.e a respected .pany. Therefore, the Avis name remained and even after changing hands many times, continues on even today. Growing Fast Avis Rent A Car opened up its European headquarters in Britain in 1960. In just a short time it had be.e an international .pany owned by a large holding .pany. The holding .pany soon branched out and developed additional business interests. In 1963 Avis adopted the slogan "We Try Harder" and developed an ad campaign around it. It proved to be such a successful slogan that it continues on today and has be.e one of the most recognized in the industry. Avis Today Now Avis Rent A Car is one of the most widely known and respected rental agencies in the world. From the meager beginnings of a rental agency at one airport to a multi-million dollar .pany, Avis has proved that its strategy has worked and continues to do so. Next time you rent a car, rent with one of the most recognized and successful rental .panies. To book a car, call their reservation department or book online. You’ll see why they have been so successful and why customers keep .ing back. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: