Bayern officially announced the renewal of Ribery 1 year contract signed to 2018-vstart

Bayern officially announced the renewal of Ribery 1 year contract to 2018 in Bayern, Ribery renewed sina sports news November 27th, the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich officially announced, with French winger Ribery until the summer of 2018. Ribery, aged 33, joined Bayern in 2007, his last contract was signed in 2013, the two sides signed to the year of June 2017. In Ribery’s contract expires next summer under the condition of Bayern in advance to renew the contract with the french. Bayern President Rummenigge said: "6 times, 5 times in the German Bundesliga champions cup, the Champions League, the Club World Cup, European Super Cup, Bayern are inseparable with Ribery in those years of success, he is a top player, but also by the fans, we are pleased to be based on his original the contract on a one-year extension." Ribery is currently playing 333 games for Bayern, contributed to the 108 ball, and offered a second aid in the 164. In the week in the Champions League, he assists Beernaert to help Bayern once the equaliser, but Bayern still upset the enemy rostov. Ribery added: "I am very happy to be in the club for another year. The club and the city of Munich have become my home. I look forward to the future with the fans in Bayern to experience more exciting moments, but also hope to continue to contribute in the next 1 and a half years. (Michael)相关的主题文章: