BBC’s onion cake will close official said the compliance management guide –

BBC’s "onion cake" will close official said the compliance management guide – Beijing original title: BBC’s Shanghai "a scallion cake" unlicensed will close official said it would guide the compliance management in new Shanghai on 28 September, (reporter Xu Jing) by BBC’s Shanghai delicacy "a scallion cake" just a few days to resume business, on the 27 day he posted "due to family problems, to suspend business for two days" notices, attention. Shanghai Huangpu District market supervision department on the evening of 27 responded that will work with relevant departments to actively guide and support the "Welsh Onion cake" legal, compliance management, and will continue to concern a large operator’s life, in conjunction with the Department to solve his current life difficult. Into the Maoming road Nanchang Road intersection, find a corner of a piece of paper with the arrow of the Baked Scallion Pancake here ", is" a network of red onion cake "booth, a length of about 500 meters of the small alley and housekeeping, tailor booth. In July this year, this has been operating for 34 years in Shanghai by the British BBC delicacy snacks Alley program reported after the popularity of flourishing. This alley shop near Huaihailu Road, since 1982, a large personally produced "a scallion cake", from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., one day out of about 300 Baked Scallion Pancake, diners have long queues to taste the delicious almost every day. Previously, supervision department received many complaints from the said "ah onion cake" long-term undocumented selling pancakes, poor hygiene, food safety hazards exist, the law enforcement personnel to carry out investigations require the operator closed, closed, July 21, 2016. In September 20th the re opening of the "ah, 26 onion cake" for being interviewed. "A big Baked Scallion Pancake really delicious, onion and oil to the foot, there is a taste of old Shanghai, witnessed a Welsh Onion cake from 1 two food stamps, 3 cents, 1 yuan to 5 yuan a Wu old man talking," he called, not easy to get up at 3 every day for business. He is a man "," good Baked Scallion Pancake can hope to survive". Shanghai citizen Ms. Nguyen said, yesterday morning she came to queue up to buy pancakes, did not think the shop is closed today, hope to rectify the store as soon as possible after opening. A big dilemma attracted many entrepreneurs and investors attention. To start a business in Nanchang in 2002 the day Li Hailong came from Minhang to find a large, provide free space to cooperate with him, "I moved to a great ingenuity spirit, license, money can solve all the problem, this alley taste should continue". Similar to Li Hailong want to help a lot of people looking for a store, but a big interview in an interview with the media, said, his age, the body is not good, do not want to move". In fact, not only is "a scallion cake", in Shanghai, quite a good reputation in the history of the most short-lived Michelin restaurant "and" dream Street wonton "for the same" unlicensed "was shut down. "As soon as possible to do an individual industrial and commercial households business license, Dacheng (Shanghai) law firm partner Zhang Yijun lawyer said that a market economy, the rule of law requires the city government相关的主题文章: