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Top7-or-Top10-Tips The best way to get to know and experience Florence, Italys real culture and traditions is by staying at a bed and breakfast and learning about it from the people who live in Italy. Staying with native, but English speaking Italians will allow you to find out about the culture and sites to be seen while in Florence, Italy. You will get an authentic taste of the Italian lifestyle, its food, and its customs. Your hosts will probably be able to steer you away from the busy tourist traps so that you can avoid them and let you know about some of the sites more well known to those who actually live in Italy. Basics of Bed and Breakfasts in Italy There is a lot to see in Florence, Italy and a great way to start your day before site seeing is to begin at a bed and breakfast because bed and breakfasts in Italy have a lot of charm. Many of them are in restored, refurbished old homes and mansions. Most of these homes have gone through a lot of painstaking restoration in order to bring out their original historical charm while making sure the rooms are also quite .fortable and have modern conveniences and a lot of modern amenities in them including the following: Air-conditioning Internet access Hot showers Jacuzzis Mini bars As is customary, these bed and breakfasts do serve breakfasts. Since there is a wide variety of what is offered from one bed and breakfast to the next, you will need to check with the management in order to make sure that you will get the type of meal that you want or need. This is especially important if you have any special dietary restrictions or needs. It is this individuality that makes each bed and breakfast in Florence, Italy unique. While some of them do provide full meals (meat, eggs, toast, rolls, and pancakes), others will only provide a continental breakfast (doughnuts, juice, and coffee). Only a few of them will charge you extra for the meal, the majority of them have the cost of the breakfast already included within your room cost. You may be able to have other meals through the day included for an added fee. Bed and Breakfasts in Florence, Italy Some of the most popular bed and breakfasts in Florence, Italy include the following: A Florence View Bed and Breakfast-this is where you will want to stay if you want to see some great views of the city while staying in Florence, Italy. The Martin Dago Bed and Breakfast-this is a beautiful home that dates back to the era of the Renaissance. It is located in a part of Florence that has managed to retain this traditional feel. Villa Sestina Bagno a Ripoli Bed and Breakfast-at this will allow you to get away from the busy city but still overlook the city. It is close enough that you can still enjoy the citys attractions without traveling too far.. Bed and Breakfast Vittoria-this one is another place that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city but not so far away that you cant enjoy the citys well-known sites. Florence, Italy History Florence has a rich cultural history that dates back as far as its ruins. This is also where the Italian Renaissance got its start and where the Medicis came to power. The prophet Girolamo was also burnt at the stake in Florence and Niccolo Machiavelli gave his famous speeches here as well. You will also find architectural marvels everywhere that you look. These include the Duomo, the Uffizi museum, Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria. So, the next time that you decide to take a trip to Florence, Italy, make sure that you give a bed and breakfast a try. By temporarily a Florentine you will get to truly experience this area. When you cant take a trip to Italy, you can enjoy the taste of Italy by going to a local Italian restaurant. Mama Jennies in Florida is a great place to enjoy authentic Italian food. You can eat in their restaurant, take out, or have them cater you next event or family gathering. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: