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The whole bedroom closet door using taboo inventory?? the whole bedroom closet door when there are several areas that need attention, otherwise it is easy to damage our wardrobe, try to avoid these mistakes in life, can let the closet longer service life. Here we take a look at the whole bedroom wardrobe door taboo. ?? The whole bedroom closet door using a taboo?? when moving drag pull, should remove the articles in the cabinet, lift light light, tripod and wedge structure so as to avoid loosening or breakage; should be placed on a smooth, to prevent damage; dismantling or moving furniture should be invited to professional help, when handling proper packaging please put the light, move; re installation, rear door and drawer coping furniture placed appropriate adjustments to ensure the normal use of the state. ?? The whole bedroom closet door taboo two?? furniture will be placed in the sun, but also avoid is put too dry, to prevent cracking deformation of wood, peeling paint, leather chapped and faded; if the weather is too dry, can be used wet cloth to gently wipe the table, to prevent the split. ?? The whole bedroom closet door taboo three?? furniture will be in very damp place, and avoid long time immersion of various liquids, lest meet wet wood, fabric mildew, foaming, degumming, the drawer is not smooth. ?? The whole bedroom closet door taboo four?? desk, bookcase, wardrobe and other furniture on the table display of long-term heavy items, articles, please gently, avoid excessive force, so as to avoid plate deformation, bending deformation of pillar. ?? The whole bedroom closet door taboo five?? to avoid water wipe furniture, furniture cleaning or maintenance agent can be used for furniture, special cleaning agents or maintenance agent sprayed on the best clean cloth gently wipe dirt can suggest the best; the same direction parallel to grain wipe, wipe back and forth to avoid. ?? The whole bedroom closet door taboo six?? with rough and sharp objects (including dry cloth) scratch or collision of furniture, so as to avoid the surface material, angle, edge, internal structure damage. ?? The whole bedroom closet door taboo seven?? placed a high concentration of alcohol, banana water on the desktop, avoid contact with stove, heaters and other hot objects to avoid contact with cold objects, in order to prevent damage to the surface of the material. ?? The whole bedroom closet door taboo eight?? take the sweat, water stains and marl contact furniture, in order to ensure the service life of furniture. The whole bedroom wardrobe door taboo nine? Meng Meng Meng furniture doors and drawers, should be appropriate to force, so as to avoid the phenomenon of structural looseness.相关的主题文章: