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The new national daily "new day" to cater to the modern way of life – Beijing, the British mirror group 22, announced the launch of a new national daily "new day", in order to cater to people’s modern lifestyle. The mirror group said, the British national newspapers after the first 30 years of the issue of 29 will be on sale, it will uphold a neutral political stance, optimistic positive energy transfer to the readers. Group CEO Simon Fawkes? "" no, the new site, but in the social media platform "appearance". He admits that people are now buying newspapers less, but insisted that the printing industry is far away to the end. "Over the past two years, more than 1 million people no longer buy newspapers, but we believe that if the right products, most of them will be re drawn back," Fawkes said, "in parallel with the digital transformation, the revitalization of the printing industry is also a core part of our development strategy, both without two. – if the newspapers offer something different, it can survive in the digital age." According to the plan, which has 40 pages of the newspaper on the first day of issue can receive free, listed two weeks at 25 pence (35 cents), after the price will be set at 50 pence (70 cents), than the "Daily Mirror" cheap 10 pence (14 cents).

英国新发全国性日报《新日》 迎合现代生活方式-中新网   英国镜报集团22日宣布将推出一份全新的全国性日报《新日》,以迎合人们的现代生活方式。   镜报集团说,这份英国时隔30年发行的第一份全国性报纸将于29日开售,它将秉持中立的政治立场、向读者传递乐观向上的正能量。   集团首席执行官西蒙?福克斯介绍,《新日》没有网站,但会在社交媒体平台“亮相”。他坦承如今买报纸的人越来越少,但坚持认为印刷业还远未走到消亡的尽头。“过去两年,超过100万人不再买报纸,但我们认为,如果有合适产品,他们中的大部分人还会被重新吸引回来,”福克斯说,“与数字化转型并行的是,振兴印刷业同样是我们发展战略的一个核心部分,两者无需二选一――如果报纸能提供一些不一样的东西,那么它就能在数字化时代存活下来。”   按计划,这份拥有40个版面的报纸发行首日可免费领取,上市两周内售价25便士(35美分),之后售价将定为50便士(70美分),比《每日镜报》便宜10便士(14美分)。相关的主题文章: