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Beijing – VIDEO – the first international tournament held in dragon 12 teams at home and abroad "Gexianshentong" the first international tournament held in dragon 12 teams at home and abroad "Gexianshentong" [comment] "dragon apply" and "Sun Wukong fights the Dragon King" "Butterfly Lovers" dragon…… From September 26th to 27, the first international tournament held in the "dragon Tongliang District China Dragon Town Chongqing City, attracted a total of 12 overseas branch dragon elite team. Dragon dance is not only a sport, but also a cultural phenomenon. The first day of the game in the selection of routine games, from China, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries of the 12 teams to different ideas, presents a visual feast. Powerful dragon collocation beautiful "Butterfly Lovers", there will be what kind of chemical reaction? In the game, Chongqing Tongliang a dragon dance team will bring a unique dragon dance. With the "Butterfly Lovers" beautiful music, a long meandering into the wings of a butterfly shape, gently flapping his wings "". The athletes in the "Butterfly Lovers" music, showing Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai met and fell apart and to plot, firmness and flexibility, also just perfect. With the traditional luoguxuantian, the passion of the dragon dance is not the same as the one in Tongliang dragon dance team with this creative Championship routines link highest score. The same period [] (Chongqing Tongliang a dragon dance team player Li Rui) the optional routine music is "the Butterfly Lovers", the dragon is innovation, innovative combination of "Butterfly Lovers" dragon dance, music, and the story of Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo. In general, we should be a kind of innovation. [comment] if the dragon with "Butterfly Lovers" is a rigid flexible and economic, so the mix of hip-hop music and Chinese Suona music tradition, dragon dance to the game and add some exotic. Jiangxi Normal University students creative team, they are full of strength in a hip-hop music performing dragon dance. It is understood that the Jiangxi Normal University students team players from the majority of African countries, they are full of keen interest to Chinese culture, participate in the dragon game is not for the purpose of noun, but a kind of hobbies. The same period [] (students of Jiangxi Normal University dragon dance team Hu Lanting) we often take part in the competition, our students love in China culture contest. [comment] Chongqing Tongliang is China dragon village, Tongliang dragon is the first national intangible cultural heritage. The first International Dragon tournament is divided into optional routine and routine two links show, the referee will decide the contest of various awards according to the two performance total score. Reporter Xiao Jiangchuan Chongqing reports相关的主题文章: