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Automobiles BMW 350i : More Empowered Riding Than Ever Among all other BMW 5 series’s new edition,BMW 530i is the most redesigned vehicle. New BMW 530i .es with a real big engine with little external look alteration and Two different variety of on board features. Front light,bumper and grille has got minimal changes in their color,shape and size,hence facelift is pretty similar with its old version. Tow on board variants are different than each other as they are called Executive and sporty type. Sporty one is all about intrusive sporty driving features. Other worth mentioning on board upgrades of BMW 530i are Its luxurious LCD color monitor which would be used as TV and PC as well. And to avail this luxury feature you have to invest some extra grands. Safe parking feature is also installed as an up gradation of BMW 350i,which is called park distance control system. Aim of park distance control system is to protect hitting the nearby vehicle while parking in congested place. BMW 350i’s tech check will stun you if you .pare it with its old school engine. Its 20 percentage more empowered than its old version engine. New BMW 350i engine has been upgraded into 3.0 litter from its 2.8 litter old engine. New engine exerts 170 Kw maximum power. Exertion of this power is maintained by overhead camshafts and they get their job done with variable timing along with a new inlet system of this engine. BMW 350i is now friendly with you with lowest consumption of fuel and as well as its highly friendly with the Earth with least amount of carbon dioxide dumping. Now lets find out some pain points of this new BMW big cachet. The new engine is of six cylinder and they are arranged in line(6-Inline),despite being a .pacted engine its pretty impossible to cancel the noise it produces while driving. In simple English in line cylinders are noisy. Its gear box is of six speed and manual transmission system. Pain point .es with low gear driving,its much shaky while during in low acceleration level.Safety of driving is always ensured by traction controlling ability and the efficiency in break,If this two are good enough in your vehicle you driving is dynamic and sable. BMW 350i has dynamic stability with its Anti lock break system. Smoothness in driving on the road is provided by its independent all wheel driving system. BMW 350i offers a high suspension driving too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: