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Brazil recommended: low water value refers to the Barana athletics trust Sohu SMG football Monday 005: Barana VS Botta Fuego competitive game time: 2016-8-30 07:00 Tuesday asian handicap: 0.80 tie 1.08 hemisphere average index: 2.05 3.45 3.30 scout Intelligence: Barana athletic recently state is not ideal, the race for four games in 0:1 the Brazil Cup defeat, was eliminated, the League losing streak, double setback, morale blow. In the last six games, there have been a total of five games, and the offensive side is the biggest problem. Botta Fuego on a 3:0 win over the Recife sports, made two league wins, away from the relegation zone, the team morale, nearly four rounds and scored seven goals, attack earlier improved significantly. Overwhelmed by the poor state of the game Barana, the team at three points. Scout data analysis: for the first time this season against Botta Fuego 2:1 win, but the team nearly four times at Barana athletic defeated the whole experience, the obvious disadvantage, during appeared a total of four red cards, the scene is quite fierce; this field team to make flat half concessions, to maintain a low hanging water interval, considering the performance advantages, it has made the hot plate the suspect. The compensate, mainstream institutions have reduced the compensation level, efforts to prevent full, this battle should pay attention to the draw. SMG Shengping Fu recommended: 31 disc recommended: Botta Fuego score recommended: 1:1, 1:0相关的主题文章: