Brazil’s new president in Hangzhou to buy buy buy leather shoes to buy immediately xhero

The new president of Brazil buy buy buy buy now try on shoes in men’s shoes were president temer in Hangzhou. 3 September 3rd afternoon, Hangzhou Yanan Road, Hangzhou department store in front in a motorcade, after the door is opened, a foreign man with white hair got out and walked in all the escorted into the mall. This is Brazil’s new president Michel · temer! Circle of friends immediately by the big coffee scraper: now in Hangzhou shopping malls can meet the president! President temer in all accompanied by the mall on the third floor of the men’s area. Men’s shoes counter duty salesman Shao Ting said that President Temel spent one or two minutes, it’s possible to the satisfaction of the shoes, left. After a while, President Temel went around and bought a toy dog and went back to the counter. Shao Ting said, when President Temel at the counter to walk in a circle, picked up a pair of brown shoes at the moment, an entourage Chinese asked her: "there are no 39 yards of shoes can try", then, Shao Ting took a pair of shoes 39 yards for president Temel to try, "he put it on on the ground, stepped on, bought". In the toy section, the president of the United States saw a toy robot dog, immediately bought. The president of Brazil president of Brazil in a pair of shoes a pair of shoes in the men’s shoe District President temer. The staff said that President Temel spent about 50 minutes in the mall, spent $798 to buy a pair of men’s shoes, but also spent 399 yuan to buy a toy machine dog. According to reports, the president of the United States and the president’s shopping products are paid by foreign bank card payment, ordinary customers are able to purchase the same price to the above items. Clerk and the president of Brazil, a group of photos with the president of Brazil group photo when the bill, the entourage told me, I just served the president of Brazil. It’s really a surprise. He looks very nice. He doesn’t have any airs." Shao Ting said excitedly, then she said to the president and a photo of President Temel readily agreed. Site map, we are at 14:15 on the day of the 3 or so received the relevant departments informed that there is a mysterious guests to visit the store. We are ready for the reception work, but not because of the arrival of the guests and passenger restrictions, no clearance." Staff said. The staff, at 15:15 on the 3 Xu, and other guests arrived when the team, they know that the mysterious figure is to attend the G20 summit in Hangzhou, President of the Brazil. figure at the crime scene相关的主题文章: