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Buyers said millet false propaganda sued three times claims – News (reporter Lin Jing) Mr. Zhang sued millet company, asking for a refund and pay compensation. This morning, reporters learned that the Haidian court accepted the case. According to the plaintiff Mr. Zhang said that last month, 15, he bought a millet phone millet millet phone 5S Plus mobile phone in the millet company. Millet millet mobile phone 5S Plus company publicity on its official website the full NFC support bound bus cards, bank cards, will launch the MIUI stable version at the end of October. Zhang said, it is because the fancy millet phone 5S Plus full functionality to support the binding function of the bus card NFC decided to buy this phone. But until the 1 day of this month, has not received the official website of millet company said the full functionality of the NFC support binding bus card, bank card MIUI stable version update notice." Mr. Zhang said he and millet company communication require refunds and compensation, but failed, so it requests the court to order the business in accordance with the "consumer protection law" responsibility. Currently, the Haidian court is further the case. J151相关的主题文章: