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Calendar baby contest three changes the mother can not miss! – the seventh session of the national maternal and child health Sohu Cup "calendar baby contest officially opened today, this year’s calendar baby contest have changed? And what new play? Xiaobian for the three big changes bring this year calendar baby contest, mothers can look carefully. A movable platform, transfer, more benefits waiting for you, the previous "health cup" calendar is a "baby contest, National Health maternity hospital official WeChat platform" as the main position, the registration vote here. But the calendar baby contest, registration and voting interface, has been moved to the National Health circle official WeChat platform ", if you want to sign up for the competition, we must scan the two-dimensional code at the end of this paper, focusing on China Health circle official WeChat platform can Oh! Although mothers feel a little trouble, but this trouble, and welfare the gameplay is more for mothers, hope a lot of understanding. Two, double entry ballot, more convenient for mothers of the current national health cup calendar baby contest, mothers can adopt two kinds of methods for their babies are canvassing, state health official circle WeChat platform "and" health circle APP ", especially in the health circle of APP, in addition to the registration and voting function. A lot of useful parenting knowledge, fun Parenting Forum, help mothers happily spend time competition. China Health circle APP two-dimensional code on the bottom, mothers scan to download, I heard that there are more surprises Oh! Three, 0 – 3 years old baby to a greater chance of winning the previous calendar baby contest, age range limit in 0 to 6 years of age, and the calendar will be the baby contest, age is from 0 to 3 the age, this change has two purposes, one is the age gap, can make the competition more fair, two parents is to reduce the pressure of competition, increase the chance of winning every baby. As long as in, have the opportunity to award, elaborate treasure Mart international monopoly, ha ha Loo loo’s South Korean children’s photography of gift for you, waiting for you to participate in.相关的主题文章: