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UnCategorized When I was involved with sports, the saying was that "pain is temporary so you need to move on", whoever said that never had to find relief from low back pain. You are the master of your own body; you can do whatever you wish with it, whether it be participating in extreme sports or just working in your garden. The fact is that many activities of our individual lifestyles can stress muscles and bones, leaving us subject to excruciating low back pain. The choice is to treat the symptom by taking mind fogging medications, or you can seek Chiropractic care to correct the source of your pain. Low back pain and Charlotte chiropractic care To better understand this, let us define low back pain, this is the discomfort you feel between the bottom of the ribs at the back and middle of the pelvis. Not only can you feel shooting or stabbing pain, it can be so intense that it will actually cause limited mobility and standing up straight may be next to impossible. The common causes of low back pain include joint dysfunction, heavy lifting, or accidents that can be related to work, sports and automobile collision. Sometimes the activity can be passive such as repetitive motion or the process of aging. Low back pain can begin as a general soreness, causing many people to ignore it, or see pain killers as the solution to the problem. The body is extremely efficient at repairing itself, so if you have pain that lasts more that a short time, you need to get it looked at to insure it does not become a chronic condition. Chiropractic care is a drug-free and non surgical treatment that will relieve your lower back pain. Your Charlotte chiropractors will expertly perform spinal adjustments that reduce the muscle spasms and re-align your spine. They will also support their treatment with neuromuscular electrical stimulation and physiotherapy for the client’s complete recovery. Before any measures are taken, you are given a thorough and complete assessment to ensure that you are a viable candidate for treatment. Chiropractic care is very effective in alleviating pain, not only in the lower back, but also in different areas of your body like the head and neck. Thus, allowing you to return to your normal level of functioning as your body will be mobilized again because you are pain free. Chiropractic care in Charlotte NC For residents of Charlotte, NC, there are preferred family chiropractors. Thousands of patients in the area can attest to the effectiveness of the treatment, and the competent care of chiropractors. The staff is exceptionally warm and friendly, the office is a relaxing environment. The equipment is state-of-the-art, providing the best possible treatment and options. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: