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Chengdu air pollution prevention and control situation is grim appeal for low carbon travel sprinkler dust, improving air quality in the city newspaper pictures Wang Ruobing photo our city has control of the relevant departments, dust pollution from vehicle exhaust pollution control, coal-fired boilers and kilns pollution control, pollution control, open burning heavy pollution weather emergency work and other aspects of the deployment schedule try our best to deal with. Due to poor weather conditions, is not conducive to the proliferation of air pollution, leading to more serious air pollution situation. Protect the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Every citizen is not only the environmental protection work of the supervisor, is the environmental protection work of the participants, not just complain and blame, but should protect the environment as a responsibility and a habit of conscious action, to contribute to our city with blue sky, green land, clear water. In this winter of our city air pollution prevention and control work situation is grim, meteorological and environmental experts, I called for: to deal with air pollution, needs of all citizens to participate in environmental protection work, as a kind of responsibility and a habit, to make a contribution to our city with blue sky, green land, clear water. Analysis of the composition of air pollution sources and dust is the first because of the city’s landscape and climate characteristics and air pollution? Municipal Environmental Protection Science Research Institute, said Tan Qinwen, Chengdu is located in the western part of the Sichuan basin, the city fell 5000 meters above sea level. Mountains, hills and plains meteorological background difference. The wind speed is small, high frequency static wind and winter fog days more, perennial inversion layer, the country’s two largest wind zone, air pollution is not conducive to the horizontal and vertical diffusion. The city’s dense population, motor vehicle ownership, industrial agglomeration, pollutant emissions, emissions, air pollution control increases the difficulty. From the city of atmospheric particulate comprehensive source apportionment results, in PM2.5, the largest contribution to the mobile source, accounted for 27.3%, followed by coal and dust, accounted for 25.1% and 20.8%, industrial production and the lives of the residents accounted for 6% and 7.3%. In PM10, the largest contribution to dust, accounting for 25.4%, followed by mobile sources and coal, accounting for 24.7% and 23.3%, respectively, industrial production and residents living accounted for 5.3% and 5.9%. Tan Qinwen said that through the study can be found, I continued to improve the quality of the city center of the city, but the magnitude of the improvement and the surrounding regional linkage with a larger gap between key areas. Particulate matter and ozone is the focus of the current atmospheric pollution prevention and control, motor vehicles, dust, industrial and residential emissions is the key areas of emission reduction." Our city in spring and winter air pollution control key is the reduction of particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide concentration, attention to the burning of straw and dust pollution prevention and control, reduce the number of days of heavy pollution, to achieve concentration reduction and improve compliance rate has a certain significance. How to prevent air pollution? Urge everyone to adhere to green low-carbon talked about how to carry out the work of air pollution prevention and control, Chengdu City Meteorological Station Chen Hong said that pollution control must first before. He believes that within a certain period of time, the population of a region, factories, vehicles plume相关的主题文章: