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Jewelry-Diamonds Black diamond or carbonado jewelery is be.e immensely popular. Designers have realized the untapped potential of these seemingly aberrant stones which were available dirt cheap a decade ago but now cost as much as other precious stones. Black diamond stud earrings and wedding rings can be purchased in a wide price range. The design choices abound but it is important to find a good seller. When you buy online make sure that the seller is offering you certified goods. Popular designs .binations of stone cut, size and metal design determine the overall design of black diamond stud earrings. Carbonados are carved with round cuts but more exquisite cuts like the rose round and princess cuts are also popular. The cut gives the stone its shape and determines the metal that goes with it. A dark stone looks best when paired with white gold and earrings are no exception. Reputed online sellers offer you the choice of selecting your cut, size of stone in carats and the setting style. The setting could be four prongs, three prongs, bezel set or lever backs. The carat also determines the size of the stone. It should be noted that a white sparkles are usually bigger than a black diamond of similar carat weight as the latter tend to be more dense and .pact. Identifying high quality black stones Before you purchase diamond jewelery make sure that the stones being sold are real. By buying from a certified purchaser you can eliminate discrepancies. However learning about carbonados can be immensely useful. These black stones reveal dark brown edges when exposed under fiber optic light. A well-cut stone is clear and sparkles though it does not reflect any light. There are different grades of black diamonds. Grade AAA is the best. Other lower grades are AA+, AA and A. Shopping online As online shopping does not allow the benefit of examining what you buy, the credibility of the seller is of great essence. When buying black diamond stud earrings online ensure that the seller is reputed. By offering certified products, an online seller builds trust. Reputed online Jewelle also offer same day shipping. Their products rarely go out of stock as they stack sufficient quantities of popular designs. Reviews posted on the website help you take a call on purchasing a specific jewelry item. Reputed sellers understand that without being transparent it is hard to get people to buy. So a recognized online portal will provide all details of jewelry it sells. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: