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China sales 4 ships offshore patrol ship U.S. media to Malaysia: milepost original title: Malaysia Taiwan 4 patrol boats cited concern about the U.S. media: the first week of milepost type deal [] in November, the Global Times reported, "long-term low-key and pragmatic" ASEAN country of Malaysia, led by general Lee Naguib’s luxury delegation is very high come on – agreed to buy 4 aircraft from the China offshore patrol ship — this is the two countries in history the first important defense trade. "The Malaysia government has agreed to buy 4 offshore patrol vessels from China and is willing to resolve the South China Sea dispute through bilateral talks with Beijing." Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported in November 2nd a major part of Naguib’s trip, at the same time Chinese quoted foreign ministry officials, "obviously, both sides began naval cooperation is very important for our bilateral relations, which reflect between our two countries very high levels of political trust". The article said: "in the South China Sea situation is still tense occasion, Malaysia is still the first to discuss and China pen important defense trade, which means that the United States suffered setbacks in the process with the new China vie for influence in the region’s." Bloomberg News described it as a landmark deal". Reuters reported that Naguib in an interview with Chinese media, said the major powers should be fair treatment of small countries in the internal affairs of the former colonial countries should not have been exploited countries preach. When it comes to the South China Sea, Naguib said, we firmly believe that the territorial dispute should be calm and rational solution through dialogue". On October 31st, Naguib opened his third visit to China since taking office in Malaysia in 2009. "I believe that the" Asian century "will surely come." "China is a true friend and strategic partner of Malaysia." Malaysia mainstream media and website in November 1st, 2 consecutive reports of Naguib’s visit, in addition to focus on the military agreement between the two sides, also stressed in Malaysia China "The Belt and Road in special position. The real news network quoted the University of Malaya Center for strategic and international studies scholar Su Baia: "in the current uncertain economic background, Chinese assistance will help boost China’s economy, but also helps to repair relations with the government of Malaysia chinese." He believes that Naguib’s visit to China for the two countries in the South China Sea sovereignty dispute cooling. At the same time, Naguib’s visit to China to enhance their own image of the next year’s election to help. Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" for the first time to buy Chinese defense equipment in Malaysia reported that the move could affect to defense cooperation with Malaysia in japan. The article said that China made offshore patrol ship equipped with a helicopter landing deck, but also equipped with missiles. Two of the 4 patrol ships are produced in China, and the other two will be produced in Malaysia. Naguib also said that if the performance of the patrol ship was confirmed, 2 years will increase the purchase. Horse defense minister believes that the purchase of offshore patrol from China ship because of "China defense equipment than the United States and Europe cheap, and in accordance with the national conditions". "Japanese economic news" said that this is the continuation of signs of improvement in diplomatic relations between China and the Philippines last month, "China tries to make some Asian countries from the United States 2相关的主题文章: