China’s new song Jiang Dunhao won the 81 vote to vote on the assessment of investment cited question win7codecs

"The new song" Chinese Jiang Dunhao won 81 review 92 votes – questioned cited Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 8th news (reporter He Yuandingfei) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reports, has been renamed the "China new song" "good voice" in Beijing last night ushered in the "bird’s nest the pinnacle of the night". After a fight, Jiang Dunhao won the "new song" Chinese championship, Wang Feng has finally become a champion mentor, success on the headlines. And last night released more than the champions topic is: media voting link accident scene 81 professionals and the media review, but eventually threw together the results of 45:47, significantly more than the 81, the audience raised big questions. Relative to the final schedule without surprise, last night, the media is more concerned about the voting process. The organizers have announced the exact number of votes came to participate in the media review for 81, in the open media host China less vote, the mouth has also repeatedly said two times "81 professional jury", but on 81 media professionals and review the final cast 45:47 results, add up to 92 votes, significantly more than 81. Therefore, in the hearts of many viewers, Jiang Dunhao’s win is particularly mysterious". Netizens have raised their hands to speak, that there are insider, and laughed at, said 45+47=92, is the program group when the audience IQ is zero?" In this regard, the reporter contacted the organizers today Canxing production program. But as of press time reporter, the program group did not give an official statement. Jiang Dunhao revealed to the ocean, and less site insider, because the media in the vote to vote into the ballot for the stars, such as screen data response to leave. But some media voting induction time is too long, and the system has not been able to do a person can only vote for the technical settings, resulting in a few people voted several times, the final data on. China Cultural Industry Research Association Secretary General Liu Yang said: now the show is mostly set "vote difference" of the mind, it is fixed in order to avoid the judges vote or public Internet voting to buy the votes, "an" situation, but often due to technical errors and the original. "The only designated judges vote, will worry about the black box operation or default occurs, so they become a" professional review + audience "network voting. But in order to prevent before the "Super Girls" "players buying incident" again, and gradually formed a part of the professional journalists, a person involved in vote difference. But it is understood that this may be repeated voting. Because the voting device is not locked at once, but the background dynamic adjustment, there may be fewer votes, more votes." This year China Canxing production "new song" the broadcast of the road is not smooth, the final result is questioned, the launch of more experienced in the storm". As everyone knows, the sound of the original song called "The Voice of China", because of failure in copyright disputes and the mode of the creator of Holland Talpa company, and had to give up 4 years called "good sound", while claiming renamed "the song sound" for the company of the original professional music program". "We have developed a luxury," said Lu Wei, the director of the new song相关的主题文章: