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Chinese City Football League will board CCTV 5+ Hao Haidong: passing football content – China news conference site. Beijing Beijing, August 25, (Yue Chuan) China City Football League 24 officially signed with CTV sports and reached a strategic cooperation. China City Football League 2016 season, the top sixteen games, will be landing in Shandong, Jining on September 3rd, when CCTV 5+ will be broadcast live. 2016 season Chinese City Football League in April this year to start, attracted a total of 64 amateur teams to participate in the whole HD live. After more than a hundred fierce contest, the game has entered the final stage of the top 16. It is reported that the 16 round of the game will be used to enforce the law of the six judges, adding the bottom line referee, and configure the spray, communications, can be induced side flags and other equipment. Not only that, in the entrance ceremony, etc., but also have a professional team operation. League organizers, Beijing football star investment limited company chairman Liu Bingrun said that the Chinese City Football League to create the first brand of inspirational Chinese folk football matches, and hope to create the domestic first-class football ecological closed-loop from the integration platform, content, terminal. September 3rd, CCTV 5+ will broadcast the 16 phase of the knockout tournament. CTV Sports General Manager Zheng Menghui said, "we are willing and down to earth and the masses of the Chinese city football league together to build a platform for the majority of fans." Previously, the people involved, has been broadcast on CCTV five season of "who is the number one" series, has become a folk sports enthusiasts dream stage. The former striker, Chinese City Football League chairman Hao Haidong said, hope that through this event, the football spirit and positive energy transfer. "Through the Chinese City Football League, we want to convey the connotation of football, the popularity of football culture, enhance the sense of ceremony football game," Hao Haidong admitted. He also revealed that some of the teams have even participated in the echelon of the prototype, the future can be expected. "We hope that the good, the connotation of football passed out, so that we can benefit from football." (end)相关的主题文章: