Chongqing bus auction market is becoming more rational use of the industry to buy second-hand car Ra lara fabian

Chongqing bus auction market is becoming rational industry solutions of second-hand car purchase "Raiders" – Beijing, Beijing, September 21 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xian) Beijing reporters 21 days visiting the upcoming ninth batch of Chongqing bus auction Yao Cheng second-hand car market, 160 Chongqing municipal departments and the District of Yuzhong has a bus ready to shoot. Cheng Yiu group general manager Ye Shizhong said, after a few times before the auction, the auction has become more rational, on a number of the bus to the starting price. The ninth batch of Chongqing bus auction rich models, including Buick, MAGOTAN, Sagitar, Passat, red flag, Mondeo, Teana, Santana, Jetta, cheetah, modern accord, Jinbei, Jinlong, JAC, Changan, Yi Weike, etc.. Ye Shizhong revealed that the total valuation of these cars is 2 million 80 thousand yuan, the final transaction price is expected to not be less than $4 million 800 thousand. Wang may have in a Audi and a crown car. The final price of these two cars should be more than 100 thousand yuan. Has been held in the 8 bus auction, the last 3 are in Yao cheng. Ye Shizhong felt that the bus auction in general is a process from hot to cold. The first few bus auctions, most bidders did not seriously understand the used car market. And the more to the back, many people will refer to the market to bid, more and more rational. The eighth batch of the auction of the bus auction, are very familiar with the condition of the people. For many years Ye Shizhong suggested to buy second-hand car people, it is best to go to the Internet or second-hand car market, understand the market, then the bus auction site to the auction, there may be jianlou". His analysis, the biggest advantage is the low price of the bus auction. If the starting price, or forty or fifty per cent of the premium auction, it is worth. Among them, the Volkswagen cars and Japanese cars is a popular type. The eighth batch of the bus auction, the auction to the Passat, Mondeo man be picked up cheap, with seven thousand or eight thousand, 10 thousand yuan starting price. There is a Santana market value should be 20 thousand yuan, but in the end the buyer to take the starting price of 7300 yuan. Ye Shizhong believes that the proportion of second-hand car operators to participate in the auction will be higher and higher. Ordinary people to buy a used car, the use of the process may not be ideal. While second-hand car business is strictly reference price for the auction, do not consider the use of feelings, and sense of a broader scope of models. The ninth batch of the bus auction auction vehicle servicing by Chongqing TAIDING auction companies, 25, began filming. September 22nd to 24 is the show period, there are professionals to interpret the auction rules and auction list. Bidders can help in person, the target vehicle is to launch the site test, understand the condition.相关的主题文章: