College students because of poor psychological pressure to fall in love with ink

College students because of poor grades psychological pressure for parents to love a drink ink Shilong recently very headache, because the children love to drink ink. Dongguan City Third People’s Hospital of experts to diagnose children found after the child is the psychological causes of pica, parents are too strict with the children, what children can not communicate with their parents. Fortunately, this "pica" can be slowly corrected. Director of the psychology department of the third people’s Hospital of Dongguan City, Hu Qingju said, for the parents, the children meet psychological nutrition is very important, whenever an unconditional acceptance of a child, don’t humiliate the children, let the children grow up healthy. Case of a child to drink ink mother anxious Hu Qingju introduced, small bright three grade this year, this summer, a small bright mother suddenly heard the child’s classmates talk about small bright in the school to drink ink, she did not believe in the beginning. Asked the teacher, the teacher said that there is such a situation, and several times, she began to pay attention to. His mother came to him and asked him why he drank the ink. But small bright how also refused to answer. Mother anxious, afraid of what the child had strange disease, hurriedly took the children to the hospital, the child’s body is no problem. The doctor suggested a small bright mother with a child to find a psychiatrist counseling. Small bright mother took the children came to the Dongguan Municipal People’s Hospital of third psychological counseling clinic. Director Hu Qingju told reporters, Xiao Liang’s behavior is psychological causes of "pica", mainly because of child psychological pressure, parents are too strict with the children, the children did not dare to communicate with their parents. Reason: poor psychological pressure is afraid of being scolded by Hu Qingju and Xiao Liang learned to communicate, a small bright father working in the factory, my mother is a housewife, with two sister at home, but also busy with housework, and have little time to accompany a small light, but the parents of other aspects of the strict requirements. Especially in the study, the small bright homework will not do, the exam results are not good, will always bring mother severe criticism. But the small bright result is not ideal, every time the examination results announced after he is nervous, afraid of blame by mother. Gradually small bright more and more withdrawn, do not love to communicate with their parents, often feel that they are not as good as others, learning not to understand the knowledge points will think they are stupid. One day in class because they do not understand the contents of the teacher’s lectures, small bright feeling very upset, see the table with a drink on the ink, feel a bit salty, but seems to be in a good mood. Since then, the small light on the problem encountered when drinking ink, so a good mood. Gradually small bright such a situation more and more, and later can not control their own. Suggestion: parents should make up for the lack of the child’s psychological nutrition fortunately, small bright because of psychological reasons caused by "pica", through the scientific psychological treatment can be slowly corrected. Hu Qingju said that the current treatment has achieved some results. However, she said, the most critical thing is that parents must change their attitude towards the child, change the previous way of education, to be more concerned about the child and love. In the process of human growth, children of different ages need different psychological nutrition, adequate nutrition, children can grow up. On the contrary, the child may form the wrong behavior"相关的主题文章: