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Commentary: how to make rural teachers become a decent occupation original title; let rural teachers become a decent occupation Wen Xia Zhenbin in different regions, different traffic and living conditions, the incentive measures should be different, the emphasis should be precise support, really let the teachers teach a decent and dignified life, full of hope for the future. The day before the introduction of policy measures in Hangzhou City, improve the treatment work life of rural teachers, rural teachers have more to the grassroots, in more remote, more difficult, more high salary". Mention of rural teachers, many people still wonder from rural teachers is relatively poor, relatively closed environment, work more arduous hard image. It is because of the poor impression, a lot of people on this occupation at a distance while others are trying to escape ". In order to attract and retain rural teachers, in recent years a variety of policies "package" came. For example, in June 2015, the general office of the State Council issued the "rural teacher support program (2015~2020)", strengthening the construction of rural teachers from many aspects. At the same time, love enterprises, public welfare organizations and other social forces are also "caring" for this group". Under these efforts, the treatment of many rural teachers has improved significantly, and the ranks of rural teachers are also younger and gradually stabilized. However, the rural and urban regional differences still exist objectively, and will continue for a long time. To further attract and motivate rural teachers, but also let the economic leverage more awesome. From the policy "package", many places provide monthly subsidy for rural teachers. It should be said, "package" has a certain attraction, but compared with the city’s many "temptation", its leveraging capacity still has a lot of room for improvement. If the salaries of rural teachers are really up to the city, even as far as urban teachers are concerned, rural teachers are expected to be an enviable group. Of course, in addition to "economic levers", there must be more systematic and flexible measures. From the reality, the most difficult, most difficult to stay is often the basic living inconvenience areas. There, some teachers are determined to leave, not for high wages and high incomes, only for decent living and dignity". Therefore, in addition to relying on the preparation of teaching staff, professional title evaluation and appointment, waiting for the retention of people, not less "environmental retention."". In different regions, different traffic and living conditions, the incentive measures should be different, the emphasis should be precise support, really let the teachers teach a decent and dignified life, full of hope for the future. Compared with Japan, his teachers were reluctant to go to remote areas. But with Japan to implement the unified standard of teachers’ salaries, benefits, joint efforts of government and non-governmental forces, the attraction of rural teachers has gradually increased. Now, even in remote rural schools will also be equipped with swimming pool, music room, appliances complete laboratory, library and so on, a lot of places in order to increase the attractiveness of rural teachers also specialized staff dormitory and residential construction…… With the development of China’s urbanization and precision poverty alleviation efforts, I believe there will be more funds, more benefits, more matching.

时评:如何让乡村教师成为一个体面职业   原标题;让乡村教师成为一个体面职业   文 夏振彬   不同地区,不同交通、生活条件,其激励措施应该各不相同、各有侧重,应该精准扶持,真正让老师们体面地教书、有尊严地生活,对未来充满希望。   日前,杭州市出台政策措施,提高乡村教师工作生活待遇,让乡村教师“越往基层、越在偏远、越是艰苦,待遇越高”。   提起乡村教师,很多人还是会浮想起乡村教师相对清贫,环境相对封闭,工作更为繁重的清苦形象。正是由于这一清苦的印象,不少人对这一职业敬而远之,有的则是想方设法“逃之夭夭”。   为了吸引、留住乡村教师,近年来各种政策“礼包”纷至沓来。比如2015年6月,国务院办公厅印发《乡村教师支持计划(2015~2020年)》,从多 个方面加强乡村教师队伍建设。与此同时,爱心企业、公益组织等社会力量也对这一群体“关爱有加”。在这些努力下,不少乡村教师的待遇明显提高,乡村教师的 队伍也更加年轻、逐渐稳定。   不过乡村与城市的地域差异依然客观存在,而且还将长期存在下去。要进一步吸引、激励乡村教师,还要让“经济杠杆”更给力。从政策“礼包”来看,很多地方为乡村教师每月 提供数额不等的补贴。应该说,“礼包”具有一定的吸引力,但相比于城市的诸多“诱惑”,其撬动能力仍有很大的提升空间。如果乡村教师的工资待遇真能向城市 看齐,甚至远在城市教师之上,那乡村教师才有望成为令人羡慕的群体。   当然,除了“经济杠杆”,还要有更系统、更灵活的举措。从现实来看,最艰苦、最难留人的往往是基本生活不便的地区。在那里,有的老师坚决想要离开,不为 了高工资、高收入,“只为了体面的生活和有尊严地活着”。所以说,除了依靠教职工编制、职称评聘等待遇留人,还不能少了“环境留人”。不同地区,不同交 通、生活条件,其激励措施应该各不相同、各有侧重,应该精准扶持,真正让老师们体面地教书、有尊严地生活,对未来充满希望。   对比日本,其教师曾经也不愿去偏僻的地区工作。但随着日本实行统一的教师工资标准、统一的福利待遇,政府与民间力量的共同努力,乡村教师的吸引力也逐渐 提高。如今,即便是偏僻的农村学校也会配备游泳池、音乐教室、器具齐备的实验室、图书馆等等,很多地方为了增加乡村教师的吸引力还专门建造教职工宿舍和住 宅……随着我国城镇化的发展、精准扶贫的发力,相信会有更多资金、更多福利、更多配套资源惠及乡村教师,让这一职业成为一个体面的职业,让更多人争相涌来 并且不愿离开。相关的主题文章: