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Constellation divine masterpiece "the legend of Shaolin Temple" brand TV entertainment – Sohu fourteenth China International TV show and China International Television Festival opening ceremony on August 25, 2016 at the grand opening of the Beijing exhibition hall. Major producers, domestic film and television production in the field of publishers and broadcasters in this together, grand brilliant. Among them, the constellation media bring new masterpiece "Magic Mountain", "Hakka Shaolin Temple legend of heroes" to the East, "young Huo Yuanjia", "wife" pet overbearing president appeared in the TV festival. The mountain’s constellation as a collection of media and television investment, production planning, publicity and issue the new cultural and creative enterprises as a whole, produced a total of more than 300 sets of hit TV dramas, many big movie network, has won the Asian Television Award, rainbow flying award, Golden Eagle Award, local TV premiere Audience Award, awards, best broadcast award a number of awards. 2016 Kung Fu drama series "the legend of Shaolin Temple to the east of the hero" and "young Huo Yuanjia" is a constellation of Kung Fu series Magic Mountain towards a new height of witness. The national struggle hero epic Hakka family change has also been the Ministry of radio and television as one of the national key broadcast repertoire in 2016. "The legend of Shaolin Temple to the east of the hero": Kung Fu drama will lead the trend of "the legend of Shaolin Temple to the east of the hero" is another masterpiece in the "Shaolin Temple legend" trilogy, tells the story of the Kangxi years of the Qing Dynasty, the monks have struggled to recover the rebels "the same day", and the protection of the rebel leader and Longevity Hill ice princess, Beijing report. But the longevity hill and Zhaoan is false, is actually used by the monks into the Forbidden City, took the opportunity to kill Kangxi; the prince suoetu and desires expansion, in order to get the West Lutian will treasure trap laid at a road at monk, to pull; in factions struggle in the monks was threatened by growing crises, more signs of danger appearing everywhere. Without causing curse caused by Shaolin Temple was destroyed in a fire. In the face of a distant road to Beijing, in order to find a slim hope of survival, the monks were forced to struggle with fate, a bloody battle is about to start…… "The legend of Shaolin Temple" series since the first has been widely sought after by the audience, all know director is more "Kung Fu" as a starting point, in creating "Kung Fu drama", promote the public aesthetic cognition of Kung Fu culture. "The legend of Shaolin Temple to the east of the hero" still to modern eyes, re create the image of Shaolin Kungfu, viewing the psychological and cultural demands to the audience, in the "artificial Wushu" pure entertainment era, to show the Chinese martial arts as they are, let the world to Shaolin Kung Fu dream, further elaborated the Shaolin culture. "The legend of Shaolin Temple" series Fourth "Heroes" to the east to invest more than the first three, the cast is more powerful, the plot design is more compact, more grand scenes of martial arts, is bound to bring a new round of ratings frenzy. "Wife" pet overbearing President: to guide the "big event" adapted "new direction" is the wife of the president handed pet adapted from the "beauty price series" new wife: darling, President of the giants, love, hatred and relates to life and other factors. Emotional line complex, strong observability, but director Dou Xiao said the story is important.相关的主题文章: