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Dante: "password" is no suspense reversal action professor can only look at the scenery – Entertainment Sohu Dante "code" in October 28, 2016 the mainland officially released Hanks recapitulation of Landon, to all mankind is threatening the lives of the puzzle waiting for him to break the Sohu’s exclusive entertainment Zhuangao (the inverse rule) don’t scold domestic films, criticism must be equal. As the eldest brother, Hollywood every year in Pyramid, but also piled up bad and Yong tablets. A comparison to mountain words, people is 82, let’s play to the best die to half a catty. The movie is not black, but the effect is the same, let a person not to mention the spirit. "The theme and plot Dante code" old-fashioned and boring, dangling lens thief action scenes, like the inferior version of the "Bourne". Apathetic temperament, and Tom Hanks’s face, also drowned "femme fatale" activity.     villain mind the world, want to use God medicine to kill some of the damned human, to save the world civilization. They want to destroy the world to save the world, the hero’s job is to destroy them to save the world. Idiot genius will be old hero resolved, but we will never be a hero to cool, moved to? Can’t, The human senses, is very greedy, love. Tom Hanks Robert – Landon, amnesia, hunted, mysterious girl, had reversed, then reverse, suspense, like a spy, and religious culture, and the like are cooked soup uncle, face. Your face looked warm, but the face of an old acquaintance gave you that forced about telling a story about N, it is difficult to not tired. Then, from Florence to Venice to Istanbul, only those people interested in the scenery on European monuments, can not fall asleep on the strong. Dante "password" action ratio than the first two "angels and demons", "the Finch code" – up to many. Director Lang – Howard can control different types, but the action is not his strengths. Let professor Landon, like Jason – like running up, so that the lens followed the rhythm of the rhythm of the – – Green – up, it is forced to compact, forced by the fierce of the -. A reversal in plot, but also forced to a sense of suspense. Action movies need action film face, 60 year old Hanks no aliasing horrific, can be shot cruel, unfortunately, still a little molimen. Need the groundwork and effective suspense puzzle, turning too hard, just like flak. Earth and hell, Dante’s "Divine Comedy", like the large temporary decorations borrowed, and not to puzzle add much charm, the audience like tourists, along with a few cursory glance out. Long – Howard and Tom – a lot of times, the cooperation of the film, "Mermaid" in 1984, the number of, they are close to the itch of the seven. They followed the film, slowly getting old. Not because we missed a movie, is an exaggeration, pull the director or age body, said some hackneyed and stereotyped expressions. But Ron Howard of the classic Hollywood disciples, "and" the old movie Dante password failure, really makes people feel a movie already wearing a hopelessly obsolete sense. The film may no longer be young, it takes a little change相关的主题文章: