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Daqing industrial wastewater enterprises down the legal representative detained 10 days Washington to grassland (reporter Gao Hongfei) 18, the reporter learned from the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, recently, the Daqing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau received a report, said the Daqing Xinghua city park enterprises dumping wastewater into grassland. Daqing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau inspectors rushed to the scene, after a number of on-site investigation and evidence collection, to grasp the fact that the illegal dumping of waste water, the two responsible person transferred to public security organs. The staff report for Daqing hi tech Zone, he found the roadside dumping wastewater on the way to work, then to the high-tech zone and the public security department report, and the whole process of dumping recorded using a mobile phone. In the video, an orange fork truck parked on the roadside, the car was carrying a white square plastic bucket, a person is using a hose to the bucket next to the grass in the liquid discharge, submerged area of about 30 square meters of liquid. According to informants provided oral and video information, supervisory personnel locked within Xinghua Park in Daqing city’s New Technology Co. ltd.. Through the investigation of the company’s plant in detail, found the implementation of dumping truck and plastic barrels in the video, the barrel has half a bucket before dumping liquid, the implementation of dumping is the employment of migrant workers. Inspectors will be the implementation of dumping behavior on the forklift and white plastic barrels sealed, sampling and testing barrels of liquid belonging to industrial waste water. In the face of the facts and evidence, the 2 crime officers on the dumping of industrial waste water confessed. In accordance with the provisions of the water pollution control act, ordered the company to take measures within 10 days to eliminate the pollution of the dumping area, and impose a fine of $300 thousand administrative penalty. Daqing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will be the case clues transferred to the Daqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Wo Li Tun branch, according to the provisions of the "environmental protection law" sixty-third article third, given the company’s legal representative and the implementation of administrative punishment of dumping personnel 10 days detention.相关的主题文章: