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Arts-and-Entertainment His paintings have been reproduced the world over, particularly his range of signed, limited editions that have be.e sought after collectable items. African wildlife constitutes the main theme of his paintings. There is a unique style in his paintings which brings to life what Mother Nature has to offer. A sweep of brushwork gives a lovely dramatic effect to the paintings. The quality of hesitation and subtle distortion offers a unique quality to the pictures. David Shepherd in his work offers .bination of shadow areas and odd asymmetries. With the superficial technique and imperfection, David adds to the authentic nature of his work. David Shepherd is particularly known for the magic and sincerity in this architectural works. The simplistic works truly makes for the sarcasm which the contemporary artists .e up with. David’s work is known to have brought many of his fans on the verge of tears with his unhindered emotions in the work. The fact that Mr Shepherd has given so much of his time to conservation has increased his global popularity. The "David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation" collects sufficient amount of funds which are used for preservation of the wildlife of Africa. A number of far-reaching projects, innovative and vital activities in the countries of Asia and Africa have been supported by the organization. Even today, it continues to offer support and generates awareness among the .mon people for preservation of the critically endangered species. DSWF is a flexible and adaptable non bureaucratic organization that deals with conservation activities supporting the organizations, reputable individuals as well as the functionaries in operational works of the field. Some of the recent activities that it has undertaken include the following: – Equipping and training the offices posted at Gir National Park in India – An orphanage was set up in Zambia for the young elephants who had lost their mothers due to ivory poaching – He has helped by explaining to the local population the increasing animal crime in many wildlife parks. His expedition to the African bush brought to the forefront for the first time his interest in wildlife conservation. The spectacle of some horrific events caused by man’s inhumanity to animals, led David Shepherd to be.e involved in their protection. It was since then that he became the world famous campaigner and has been devoting most of the life of his life in trying to save the endangered species. David Shepherd was awarded with the OBE for his contributions and exemplary services towards the wildlife. The best paintings of David include Tiger in the Sun and Elephant Heaven. He is distinctively known for his painting of the Elephants and Tigers. In the year 2008 David Shepherd was appointed in the British Empire as .mander of the Order. The limited editions and the signature paintings are increasingly be.ing the most sought after. The main theme of his creations is the African wildlife. Taking thee focal points as a pyramid is often seen in David’s work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: