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The restaurant was a collective bank card credit card stolen deposits in Guangzhou – bizarre new network out of the Panyu police cracked special thief brush bank card case involving more than 300 yuan Dayang bank card money was never away from the body, but more bizarre is take wings to itself, 5 people have to alarm in years before and after December 25th a restaurant consumer credit card, and in March 16th this year was the collective fraudulent. This in the end what is the secret? Guangzhou Panyu police yesterday informed the police, recently, in the "2016 hurricane" special action, after 3 months of careful investigation, in one fell swoop destroyed a number of fraudulent bank card gangs, the realization of this kind of crime in the side of the record, card, fraudulent, money laundering and other aspects of the whole chain of combat, arrested Li Moufei (male, Guangdong Zhaoqing people, 34 years old) and other 10 suspects. From March 16th this year strange card deposit 10 pm, Mr. Xue suddenly received a mobile phone text messages, display their own credit card spending 76200 yuan, however, this card has been in his hand, not consumption. Surprised Mr. Xue immediately contact the bank customer service and alarm to the police. Surprisingly, almost at the same time, the police also received another 4 similar alarm, involving up to more than 490 thousand yuan. Is there any connection between the 5 incidents? Through the transfer of stolen brush, comparison and analysis of more than the victim’s bank card, police investigators found that many from the bank card stolen brush, are issued by a company in Guangzhou, a group of POS machine, and the time. The police suspect that behind all this is likely to exist underground money laundering." According to police, bank card stolen brush 490 thousand yuan stolen money, turning several times, all went to a personal account, and the account again to many other dispersed personal account, the individual account at almost the same time in the bank for the HK dollar cash business. In the process of tracking the use of illicit money, the police locked the suspect Li Moufei. May 20th, the police received an important clue: the suspect Li Moufei and his partner Huang Moujie (male, Guangdong, Guangzhou, 31 years old) will continue to implement fraudulent bank card crime. Task force decided to seize the opportunity to fight the current implementation of the arrest immediately. At noon the same day, Panyu police in a hotel in Huadu District, Li Moufei and Huang Moujie captured in one fell swoop, seized 2 sets of POS, a batch of counterfeit cards and a large number of the bank card information. According to Huang Moujie and Li Moufei confessed, they generally in accordance with the requirements of the line, to provide bank account number, receiving money and money laundering. At this time, a hidden in the underground has surfaced. In June 20th, the Panyu police decisive attack, will be suspected of money laundering underground leader Li Mouxiong (male, Guangdong Shaoguan people, 48 years old) arrested, and seized about 110 thousand yuan worth of foreign currency and a large number of bank accounts. Camouflage the cashier to steal information loudly talk Hotel fraudulent credit card from the victim how was cloned? Police handling the case, told reporters that the suspect disguised as a cashier, sneaked into the upscale restaurants, hotels and other places of consumption, consumer credit card spending, secretly using the side recorder will bank card Tao相关的主题文章: