Do not regret how to play the small abacus of overseas

How to play the overseas "small abacus" not to see, do not regret to travel abroad, in addition to bring bank cards, but also indispensable to prepare some "pocket money", so as not to credit card consumption directly spend money. Want to know which way to swap the most cost-effective, you must first understand the different characteristics of exchange rate swap places. Foreign currency swap to pick 1, the airport exchange rate is low, easy to change. If you have foreign money left before you return home, you can change it directly before boarding. In addition, try not to suggest at the airport exchange. 2, the local bank exchange rate is the day market price, security, moderate price, need to change in the network business hours, the convenience is not high. 3, the hotel is convenient, low exchange rate swap, even more than the airport is not suitable. The hotel will have a lot of exchange limit, can not meet the large amount of money demand. 4, the ATM rate is high, easy to swap, but there will be a high fee. However, some bank cards can reduce the cost of offsite withdrawals, if there is such a card, then ATM machine is a good choice. 5, the local bank business time is long, some or 24 hours, convenient exchange. The exchange rates vary at different stores. Time and energy can be allowed to buy more than three. 6. The tour guides usually charge a little extra charge. However, it is reasonable for you to choose a good exchange point and charge a little extra fee. Before leaving for the airport because of a small amount of foreign currency exchange rate swap point usually not cost-effective, the best in the domestic bank to exchange some foreign currency. When you arrive at an overseas airport, you don’t have to worry about the cost of a taxi or a bus. Note: domestic banks in the exchange rate will be slightly different, swap before the best goods more than three. The RMB exchange foreign currency bills at low price; after returning to the foreign currency renminbi exchange, lookedpaper money purchase price high, select the "small" banks. Special reminder, starting this year, using UnionPay cards overseas withdrawals, will no longer be "unlimited". According to the requirements of the State Administration of foreign exchange, in order to further strengthen the work of anti money laundering overseas and guard against financial risks, China UnionPay RMB card withdraws cash from abroad, and the annual quota is set up in addition to the amount of RMB 10 thousand yuan per card per day. According to the regulations, since 2016, the annual accumulated cash of each card shall not exceed RMB 100 thousand yuan. Bankers said, for the general overseas consumption of tourists, because UnionPay card card environment convenience, will not have a big impact. In the aspect of UnionPay, the issuing bank may set a limit independently, and specifically consult the issuing bank. Each country and region outside the country for ATM single withdrawals amount restrictions are also different, specific to local machinery tips as the standard. In addition, there is a corresponding fee for overseas ATM machines, and the domestic issuing banks and overseas acquiring agencies may charge a certain proportion respectively. (Beijing Morning Post)

如何打好境外取现“小算盘”不看别后悔去境外旅游除了带上银行卡,也少不了准备些“零花钱”,以便在不能刷卡消费时直接花现金。想知道哪种换汇方式最划算,就得先了解不同换汇地点汇率特点。境外换汇要会挑1、机场汇率较低、兑换方便。若回国前手里还有外币没花完,可以在登机前直接换掉。除此之外,建议尽量不在机场换汇。2、当地银行汇率是当天市价,安全、价格适中,需在网点营业时间兑换,便捷性不高。3、酒店换汇方便、汇率较低,甚至比机场还不合适。很多酒店会有兑换上限,无法满足较大金额的换汇需求。4、ATM机汇率较高,换汇方便,但是会有很高的手续费。不过有些银行卡能减免异地取款的费用,如果有这样的卡片,那么ATM机是个很好的选择。5、当地银行营业时间较长、有些还是24小时的,兑换方便。各家门店汇率不太相同。时间和精力允许可以货比三家。6、导游处通常情况下,会额外加收一点费用。不过,人家帮你选到了价格实惠的兑换点,加收一点费用是情理之中的事。出境前换少量外币由于机场换汇点的汇率通常不太划算,最好在国内银行兑换些外币。当抵达境外机场时,打车或者坐巴士的费用就不用愁了。注意:国内各家银行的汇率会略有不同,换汇前最好货比三家。人民币换外币看钞卖价低的;回国后要把外币换回人民币,看钞买价高的,优先选择“小”银行。特别提醒从今年开始,用银联卡在境外取现,将不再是“无限额”了。根据国家外汇管理局要求,为进一步加强境外反洗钱工作力度、防范金融风险,中国境内银联人民币卡在境外提取现金,除每卡每日不超过等值1万元人民币外,增设年度限额。根据规定,2016年以来,每卡每年境外累计取现不得超过等值10万元人民币。银行人士表示,对于一般境外消费的游客而言,因银联卡刷卡环境的便捷化,不会有大的影响。银联方面提示,信用卡因信用额度等问题,发卡银行可单独设定限额,具体可咨询发卡银行。境外各个国家和地区对于ATM单笔取款的金额限制也各有不同,具体以当地机具提示为准。另外,境外ATM机取现还有相应的手续费,国内发卡行和境外收单机构可能分别收取一定比例。 (北京晨报)相关的主题文章: