Does online reading make us shallow

Network reading will make us shallow? [Abstract] a series of psychological research over the past few decades reveals that when people are sitting in the silence of the countryside, surrounded by the brain will become birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, calm, sharp, clear, and better memory. Because at this moment, the brain was relaxed, no more for Everfount distraction stimuli increased the burden. The visual Chinese map of Internet era, people’s reading habits have changed: the fragmentation of reading; short article; while open video, mobile phone back to the side of WeChat, but also pay attention to the mailbox to remind…… We are no longer quiet and focused, no longer willing to pay the patience to wander in the long text. Some people are worried about whether people are losing the ability to read and think deeply Others believe that the Internet opens up new skills and thinking. Does online reading really make people shallow? Jin Fulin is 67 years old this year, the smart phone is a watershed, with after and before, she seems to live in the world of the two. Once each night, she sat in front of the TV, watching the news seriously, all the way to see the night time soap opera, and comment, sometimes kukuxiaoxiao. The day and the neighbors exchange, she said to the familiar plot, closely reasoned and well argued. With a smart phone, she learned the WeChat, TV completely reduced to the background sound. Still sitting on the sofa, TV is still open, but more often, she lowered her head, back and forth in the WeChat group in response to a variety of news, occasionally looked up and glance at the TV, they feel seen plot. Washing dishes, cooking, cleaning the house, half, she will return to WeChat. The friends went out to eat, and the Internet made her nervous. In desperation, she repeatedly asked her daughter to help their mobile phone for 4G Internet access, and the reason: I go out to eat, those old friends have a network to see WeChat, I did not." Jin Fulin’s daughter is a 80 white-collar workers, every day after the first move is to pick up the iPad (tablet), to the sofa, "Ge Youtang". IPad is playing a variety show, and she also uses a mobile phone while online shopping. The finger on the screen brush brush, this is repeated every day tens of thousands of times habits. Online shopping break, see WeChat friends, email, and then glance at the video, multitasking, what seems to have no delay. Every night, they spend countless "mobile phone" who feel rewarding: one day after reading a few programs, bought several pieces of high quality and inexpensive things, reply to several mail, and even in the circle of friends harvest ten point praise, said long words with friends on the Internet again, read interesting articles and news, how full and rich life…… Spent a few hours, felt his mind was hovering, smart, rich, flexible, intoxicated people. "The Internet is so good now." Jin Fulin emotion, every day can know a lot of information, communication is also convenient, one day arrived in the past month. When we were young, when the Internet is good, I feel the life is wasted." Really so? 90 is studying anthropology, Kobayashi, read a thick academic works should be used, but her feeling about that many "Kochi molecules" empathy: "I used to read a Book)相关的主题文章: