Double eleven express paper boxes must not throw…… why

Double eleven express carton must not throw… Why? – Sohu, you are still in the net for each online shopping courier boxes, milk box and worry about it? Also for a time with a huge box downstairs and feel trouble? Now do not worry ~ ~ may wish to stay ~ ~ to the carton can not be changed into a waste of treasure oh! Today, Xiaobian teach you how to use the courier box, come together with DIY children! Materials and tools of cardboard, pencil, watercolor pen, scissors, glue and unlimited imagination of rich and colorful little zoo scene, making all kinds of small animal cartons, thin cartons will be good shape, can use paint color, can also use the stickers and so on material creation! Monday children fashion fancy hat, for love, return rate will be high! Take small expert changeable storage box, the baby will be happy every day to receive work! The car theater, the car theater, the Auto Union, the team, all can be seen below! Villa town house small house, you can hide and seek to open a tea party, creating a story, this with you, because it belongs to you! Transport planes and boats, you must know how happy he will be! You only want to live in the home Museum, you can not do without the use of cardboard boxes to produce a variety of small items, give full play to your creativity, brainstorming! If your imagination is fierce enough if your imagination is fierce enough, the production capacity is hard enough, then, the square box is to give you the surprise will be unlimited. Money to buy toys, and do not have to worry about whether the issue of environmental protection. More importantly, the invitation to participate in their own baby to participate in the design, production, fun, exercise, and virtually enhance the tacit understanding between you and the child, intimacy. Is not the one? Come on, DIY with the kids! This article from CCTV children, if you want to reprint please contact the original author相关的主题文章: