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Drunk Changchun 3 junior middle school students launched wild bath 1 people escape 2 people drowned – Sohu news 25 at 5:45 in the afternoon, in the Yitong River, a boy lying crying in the teacher’s shoulder: "why I am a person up? Why haven’t I grabbed his hand……" Two hours ago, drinking in the Yitong River after water bathing in three junior middle school students, the two students failed to go ashore…… First children stood and cried for help around 12 bottles of beer and food in the mound on the site of the incident in Changchun city with Kang to Yi Tonghe embankment, on the riverbank, a river extends into the mound, which is relatively flat, on the north side of 500 meters, is a bridge construction site, near the time of the incident, not many pedestrians, no one noticed that three students drink on this hill, when people heard the cry for help, only a soaking wet boy standing on the mound to shout for help. At 4:30 in the afternoon, a large number of onlookers gathered around the scene, the mound has been cordoned off, in the river near mound, scattered stocked with 12 bottles of beer and food, of which five or six bottle is empty. Study on the rescue fire officers and police at the scene, but because the water is deep, they are waiting for Changchun city police fire brigade secret brigade divers to the scene to rescue diving. Citizen Lin Chunfu, the incident is the location of the incident on the other side of the water fishing fish, suddenly heard someone crying for help. "I was in that position, vaguely heard ‘help’ voice, I follow the direction of the sound to see, there is only one child on the shore." Lin Chunfu pointed to the other side of the river, said a truck, the distance from the location of the incident straight line is 500 meters away, "I am here to shout, is not someone fell into the water? Voice shouted dumb, but did not listen to the shore of the child say what." Lin Chunfu immediately sat his own car tire restructuring of the leather ring with the board to do paddle, the site of the incident stroke. Second children fell into the water after more than and 20 minutes of scratch ring Lin Chunfu out too far, I’m a board to here, for a draw more than and 10 minutes!" Lin Chunfu speech some regret even self reproach, if I hurry up to this, perhaps to second children to catch up early. When I got to the shore, the child was all wet! He said that all two of his classmates were in the water." Lin Chunfu said, "he means about the position, I got a stick of scratch ring in the past, the stick is two meters long, I inserted into the water mark, revealing only a point." Because the water is too deep, Lin Chunfu found a rope, tied a piece of brick, "I kept to throw a brick, a little bit of hope, can blow the rope? Drowning child’s body, at the same time, I also used a stick in the water test." Lin Chunfu recalls, about ten minutes, the rope suddenly caught on an object. "I’m going to pull up, found the rope round the child’s arm around, I quickly pulled to the side." Lin Chunfu said, when the child is face down, I immediately turned over to him, let him face out of the water, and then a little bit to send him ashore." Send the child ashore, Lin Chunfu let him do artificial respiration, followed by 120 emergency Yang相关的主题文章: