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UnCategorized The television show Chuck is full of high intense action scenes and comedy. It stars Zach Levi who plays a CIA agent named Chuck Bartowski. He was originally a computer geek until he changed to a government agent. He goes on several missions during the show that are exciting and dangerous. He runs and fights his way through challenging events that take place. Adam Baldwin stars as the NSA agent John Casey who helps with the missions. His job is to protect Chuck Bartowski as he has important government stored in his brain. Starring as top CIA agent Sarah Walker is Yvonne Strahovski. Her job is to protect Chuck and ends up becoming his girlfriend in the process. Chuck is scheduled to return on Fridays this fall at 8/7c. Episodes are currently able to be viewed online at www.nbc.com. The episode "Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger" features many exciting action scenes. In this episode Chuck’s girlfriend Sarah is very sick and he must help. She lies in the hospital bed while he looks on in agony and tries to console her. He has to leave and go on important missions while she waits for him to return. On the missions he faces several challenging obstacles to overcome. There are Russian spies that he has to fight against during his job. Chuck rides a motorcycle very fast loaded with armor and uses it against his assailants. A friend of Chuck’s father is Steven who shows up at unexpected times to assist in the missions. It becomes imperitive for them to defeat the Russian spies as they arrive. In one scene the Russians parachute down from the sky and surround Chuck and his team. His use of impressive defense maneuvers challenges them to retreat. They have to aquire important identity cards to pursue the mission. They use the cards to infiltrate places that have high amounts of security. Chuck and his assitant John Casey battle against tough enemies to help secure intelligence. It is very important to defeat the spies in order to save the life of his girlfriend Sarah Walker. His team uses very modern technology and sophisticated weapons in their fight against the enemy. Once they complete their objective Sarah is saved from tragedy. An important business deal goes on that Chuck is inolved in. He becomes part owner of a large retail store called the Buy More along with his friends. After the deal is done he makes new plans for his future with Sarah Walker. He proposes to her for marriage and she happily accepts his offer. They get married in a church with family and friends. There are many funny moments to laugh about as Chuck Bartowski manages his personal and work affairs. His image as a computer nerd is portayed throughout the show for many laughs. Much of the show revolves around the relationship between Chuck and Sarah. It is her job to protect him while he makes important decisions with the government. Joshua Morgan plays Morgan Grimes who is Chuck’s best friend during the show. He is a co-worker of Chuck at the Buy More and a CIA operative. Playing Chuck’s sister Ellie Woddcomb is Sarah Lancaster. Sarah has appeared in the television show ‘Everwood’ and also ‘What About Brian’. A major feature film she has been in is ‘Catch ME If You Can’ with Leonardo Di Caprio’. Starring Chuck’s brother in law Devon Woodcomb is Ryan McPartlin. He has been in an important role on the television show ‘Passions’. He had a lead role in the comedy ‘Living with Fran’. During the show Chuck he plays the sister of Ellie Woodcomb and they have many exciting adventures. The show has a detailed script about CIA operatives working undercover to secure information. It contains many scenes where Chuck is against the odds and has to perform amazing heroic tasks. He has a very dedicated team that helps him accomplish the important objectives. Yvonne Strahovski does an excellent job acting as Sarah Walker during the show. She has the important role of supporting Chuck in a working relationship. His assistant Andy is usually present throughout the duration of the show. Chuck has many important tasks as he works at the Buy more and as a CIA agent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: